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JSET Research Finds Increased Test Scores Using WYNN

(St. Petersburg, FL – November 30, 2009) The Learning Systems Group (LSG) of Freedom Scientific, Inc., developer of literacy software designed to create custom learning environments for all students, announced today that a new article published in the Journal of Special Education Technology (JSET) ( ) found statistically significant test gains for students using WYNN’s study tools. The article by Mark Horney, Lynne Anderson-Inman, and others, titled Exploring the Effects of Digital Note Taking on Student Comprehension of Science Texts, appears in the current issue of JSET.

Both General Education and Special Education Students Show Gains

The article describes a study done in 2007 and 2008 to investigate the effects of text notes and voice notes on the comprehension of science texts by fifth grade students. There were both special education and regular education students in the study. Researchers were able to evaluate results for each group individually, and for both groups combined. The results showed that both groups made some improvements in their test scores after using WYNN's study tools. The most statistically significant gains were made by general education students, while special education students also made statistically significant gains. Roberta Brosnahan, Vice President and General Manager of the Learning Systems Group, says, "Note-taking is a critical study strategy for students to master. We are delighted that the research shows WYNN's note-taking tools to be effective study aids for students."

The study divided students into two groups. One group used WYNN's Voice Notes feature to summarize the science material they had read, while the other group used WYNN's Text Notes. The results showed that, although students made gains using both tools, most students made greater test gains using Voice Notes. The study concluded, "These findings suggest that recording voice notes is at least as effective as typing text notes, and perhaps more effective for some students in some situations."

WYNN's Voice Notes First in the Field

WYNN was the first program to design Voice Notes as a feature for students and teachers to use in classrooms. WYNN's Voice Notes feature allows users to record spoken messages tied to specific areas of text. This feature is designed as a tool to allow students to verbalize their thoughts. For some students, verbal expression is preferable to aid in communicating the comprehension of written materials. Voice notes can scaffold organization and summarization skills in expressive language tasks.

Additionally, teachers can create Voice Notes containing questions, messages, or assignments for students providing a more interactive reading environment. Students can use Voice Notes to record answers to the teacher's questions, create reminders, summarize or paraphrase, or ask questions about the text.

Text Notes allow users to create written annotations for text material. Text Notes can be instrumental in helping students remember important material. “The combination of Text Notes and Voice Notes creates a powerful one-two punch to benefit both visual and auditory learners,” said Brosnahan. These features exemplify WYNN's motto: WYNN helps users to use individual strengths to strengthen their weaknesses.

About the Learning Systems Group, Freedom Scientific

Freedom Scientific develops, manufactures and markets innovative technology-based products and services that aid individuals with vision impairments, learning disabilities and reading/writing challenges. Freedom Scientific’s Learning Systems Group is recognized as a leading provider of easy-to-use, easy-to-learn solutions, based on sound educational principles. The Learning System Group’s products assist individuals of all ages to be more successful with reading and writing.

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