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Meredith College Provides Individual Reading Environments for All Students

WYNN Software Provided on All Student Laptops

(St. Petersburg, Florida – September 2008) The Learning Systems Group of Freedom Scientific, Inc., developer of literacy software designed to create custom learning environments for all students, announced today that their WYNN Wizard software has been selected by Meredith College for inclusion in the College's Laptop Program.

Meredith College Innovative Laptop Program Supports Students

The WYNN software will be provided as part of Meredith College's Laptop Program. This innovative and comprehensive program provides a laptop computer for each full-time student enrolled at Meredith College. Each laptop has essential software pre-loaded on it including Microsoft OfficeŽ, WYNN, and other productivity software.

This year, for the first time, Meredith College will provide software to aid reading productivity on their laptops. The product they chose for that support is WYNN Wizard. WYNN's tools can help all learners, as it includes built-in supports for different learning styles and situations.

“We are delighted that Meredith College understands that all students learn differently and that WYNN has been chosen to assist students to be more productive and successful,” said Roberta G. Brosnahan, VP & General Manager of Freedom Scientific, LSG. “Use of this technology assists all students to use their individual learning style to achieve success both at college and in 21st century jobs.”

Student Success in Pilot Project Determined Product Choice

Meredith previously offered WYNN Wizard software in computer labs, primarily for use by students with disabilities. Recognizing the educational benefit to these students, the College evaluated other software offerings, instituted a pilot program with more than 50 students, and then selected WYNN Wizard. Due to the educational success of students using WYNN, during the 2008-09 academic year, Meredith is expanding the program campus-wide in partnership with Freedom Scientific.

Reading Technology Aids All Students

Jill Triana, Meredith’s Disabilities Services Coordinator, believes the new software will be beneficial for all students because it fits the principle of universal design. Universal design is meant to simplify life for everyone by making products, communications, and the built environment more usable by as many people as possible at little or no extra cost. “The software is helpful for any student who finds reading difficult, time consuming, or boring,” Triana said. “This tool will help us meet the need of this generation of students.”

Meredith College's Laptop Program is an excellent way for the school to ensure that all its students receive the tools they need to help them succeed in the rigorous college environment. The addition of WYNN software furthers this goal by giving the students the support they need to help them read, write, and study more effectively and efficiently. This includes working on the Internet.

WYNN Wizard software was selected based on WYNN's powerful and unique benefits to students. WYNN's award-winning features include:

  • A bi-modal approach to reading—text is highlighted as it is spoken aloud. By providing simultaneous audio and visual feedback, students can study more efficiently and effectively.
  • Study tools, including highlighting, bookmarking, outlining, text notes, and voice notes. The variety of study tools ensures that each student can use the features that work best for her learning style.
  • Ability to read Web sites aloud, with Web text highlighted as it is spoken
  • WebMasking™, WYNN's patented feature that highlights selected text on a Web page by line, sentence, or paragraph while blocking out distracting elements like advertisements, enabling the student to better focus, read, and comprehend text
  • Ability to highlight directly on a live Web page, and then extract the highlighted text into a WYNN document with one mouse click, to make studying more efficient

About the Learning Systems Group, Freedom Scientific

Freedom Scientific develops, manufactures and markets innovative technology-based products and services that aid individuals with vision impairments, learning disabilities and reading/writing challenges. Freedom Scientific’s Learning Systems Group is recognized as a leading provider of easy-to-use, easy-to-learn solutions, based on sound educational principles. The Learning System Group’s products assist individuals of all ages to be more successful with reading and writing. Visit for more information.

About Meredith College

Chartered in 1891, Meredith College is a private, four-year, comprehensive college for women. It has grown to become one of the largest independent private women’s colleges in the U.S.

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