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New Tutorial Videos Available for WYNN Software

Start the School Year with a Training CD!

(Palo Alto, California) The Learning Systems Group of Freedom Scientific, Inc., developer of literacy software designed to create custom learning environments for all students, has released a new WYNN Training Module. The new CD includes ten videos further defining many of WYNN's most popular features. This video will help teachers and students to become more fluent with the use of WYNN, saving valuable time and providing greater educational benefits.

Video Topics for Popular WYNN Features

The CD contains 10 informative videos, each targeting specific features and uses of WYNN. The topics include:

  • Introduction to WYNN
  • Reading Styles Toolbar
  • Study Tools (including highlighting, lists, voice notes, and others)
  • Writing Tools (including homophones and outlines)
  • Using the Internet (including the patented WebMasking® feature and form-filling)
  • Using the Freedom Import Printer

Each tutorial runs between three and nine minutes, making the videos concise, yet informative, allowing users to easily navigate to the specific information they need. Every video includes the educational benefit of the feature as well as specific guidance for how to use the feature, making it an ideal tool for classroom teachers.

Freedom Scientific a Leader in Training Products

Freedom Scientific's Learning Systems Group has long been known as a leader in the field of training and professional development. The Group provides a variety of literature and training opportunities to support users, including custom onsite training for large or small groups, and free, in-depth Webinars for real- time online training. The new Training Module is a valuable addition to the Company’s offerings to help people learn more about WYNN. Peggy Dalton, Director of Professional Development, said, "We consider our carefully-crafted Professional Development Program one of the most significant aspects of learning how to use our products effectively. We are proud to add this latest Training Module to our offerings." She continued, “These offerings allow busy educators to learn about WYNN at their own pace and without leaving their desks.”

Pricing and Availability

The retail price for the Training Module is just $35.00. This includes the CD and an informative booklet including helpful Teaching Tips for specific features. Quantity discounts are available. For more information, and to order your Training Modules, email Loni Atton at our Customer Service department, LAtton at, or call her at 800-444-4443 x1032.

About the Learning Systems Group, Freedom Scientific

Freedom Scientific develops, manufactures and markets innovative technology-based products and services that aid individuals with vision impairments, learning disabilities and reading/writing challenges. Freedom Scientific’s Learning Systems Group is recognized as a leading provider of easy-to-use, easy-to-learn solutions, based on sound educational principles. The Learning System Group’s products assist individuals of all ages to be more successful with reading and writing. Visit for more information.

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