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Wizzard Software Selected to Provide New Voices for Freedom Scientific, LSG’s WYNN 4.0

Jun 22, 2005

PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 22, 2005--Wizzard Software (OTCBB: WIZD) announced today that Freedom Scientific, Learning Systems Group (LSG), has chosen Wizzard’s offering of AT&T Natural Voices for use in WYNN 4.0, Freedom Scientific LSG’s innovative literacy software tool designed to enhance success for individuals with reading challenges and writing difficulties. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Freedom Scientific, LSG, provides software programs that are acclaimed for their easy-to-use interface, innovative technology and flexible but powerful features. Freedom Scientific also holds corporate headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida, as well as European headquarters in Germany.

"WYNN is known for its intuitive user interface and its ease of use. The AT&T Natural Voices synthesizers are a perfect complement to the ease of use by making WYNN easy to listen to", said Beth Thomlinson, WYNN Product Manager, Freedom Scientific, LSG.

Thomlinson noted that the decision to use AT&T Natural Voices was driven by their users who said they would be more comfortable with a more human-sounding voice while they work or do schoolwork. Also, AT&T Natural Voices provides them with a good combination of quality and languages, both of which are important to their users.

Powered by the AT&T Natural Voices TTS Engine and designed by educational experts to enhance the learning process for struggling students, WYNN transforms printed text into the spoken word by using a bi-modal approach - simultaneous highlighting of the text as it is spoken. This method is recognized as aiding reading comprehension and writing skills. WYNN's four color-coded, rotating toolbars add a unique differentiator to this software solution to accommodate different learning styles. The simple point-and-click interface is extremely easy to use. The toolbars emphasize file management, visual and auditory presentation of text, traditional study tools, writing aids and Internet use.

Typical end users of WYNN are students and adults with reading difficulties, including dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Freedom Scientific, LSG currently has users in all 50 states, as well as in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, and Mexico using WYNN and the company’s other product, TestTalker.

"We are very pleased that Freedom Scientific, LSG gave us the opportunity to help them respond to their customer requests for more natural voices," said Danielle Lewis, Marketing Director for Wizzard Software. "We agree with their conclusions that AT&T Natural Voices is an exceptional product and quite possibly the most 'human-sounding' speech engine on the market."

Freedom Scientific LSG’s products offer aid to the growing number of struggling or learning disabled students. A study by the National Institutes for Health & National Institute for Child Health and Human Development, as reported by the U.S. Department of Education, indicates that about 17% of individuals (children and adults) in the general population are considered to have learning disabilities. Since 1992, the percentage of students who spend 80% or more of their time in school in special education classes increased from 21% to 45%, according to the 23rd Annual Report to Congress. According to the U.S. Department of Education, learning disabilities affect approximately 5% of all children enrolled in public schools. Further, dyslexia is also widespread, with upwards of 15-20% of school-age children affected. The National Adult Literacy Survey (NALS) found a total 40-44 million of the 191 million American adults (defined as age 16 or older) are considered to be at Level 1, the lowest literacy level.

About Freedom Scientific, Learning Services Group (LSG):
Freedom Scientific, Learning Systems Group, headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, provides products that are acclaimed for their easy-to-use interface, innovative technology and flexible but powerful features. Designed by educational experts to enhance the learning process for struggling students, WYNN provides reading and writing solutions. Freedom Scientific LSG also created TestTalker, which provides test-taking preparation and worksheet completion. For more information, visit

About Wizzard Software
Founded in 1996, Wizzard Software has become a leader in the speech technology application development market. Wizzard architects solutions to business problems using its expertise in consulting, speech development tools and building speech based applications for the Desktop and Internet. Wizzard has achieved global recognition because of its expertise with voice communication whether it is via PC or telephone. Wizzard's successes have lead to expanding opportunities in both the government and commercial sectors. In April of 2004, Wizzard acquired MedivoxRx Technologies. Founded in 2000, MedivoxRx is the originator of “Rex”, the talking prescription pill bottle, which “talks” to the patient allowing them to distinguish what type of medication is in the bottle and hear critical information on dosage amounts and refill parameters. Additional information on MedivoxRx can be found at More information on Wizzard Software can be found in the Investor's Corner

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