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About Us: Overview

Freedom Scientific, Inc. was created in 2000, by combining three companies in the assistive technology arena. The company is divided into two groups: the Learning Systems Group and the Blind/Low Vision Group.


The company's mission is to develop, manufacture and market innovative technology-based products and services that those with vision impairments and learning disabilities use to change their world.

To meet this goal, the Learning Systems Group offers two innovative products — WYNN and PEARL. WYNN is the software solution that transforms printed text into the spoken word, enabling students to use their strengths to strengthen their weaknesses. PEARL is the ultimate in portable scanning and reading, weighing just 2.5 pounds.

We provide technology tools that ensure success and that are:

  • Educationally sound based on efficacy studies
  • Easy to learn intuitive interface
  • Powerful and flexible address all age levels

Our tools, defined by educational experts, focus on:

  • Individual learning styles
  • Supporting successful reading, writing and learning

By utilizing the full potential of the individual learner and by focusing on users' strengths, our tools provide successful learning experiences.

Use your strengths to strengthen your weaknesses!

Imagine Success!

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