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WYNN Teacher Special

A teacher working with three students with WYNNAre you an educator? Want to help your students with easy-to-learn technology that will increase their comprehension and test scores? Do your students need support with writing papers? Then try WYNN.

With our Teacher Special you can get your very own copy of WYNN at no cost. This is a full working copy including OCR scanning and all of our educational tools for FREE!! We want you to put WYNN to the test and see how it could help your students.

WYNN, the award-winning literacy software, transforms printed text into spoken words to help with reading and comprehension, while it simultaneously highlights the text as it is spoken. Files can be converted to MP3 for listening on the go. Highlighting pens, Text & Voice Notes, and Notecards help with researching, studying, and writing. WYNN also speaks many different languages with native voices.

Schools can also take advantage of spectacular Special Student Pricing on WYNN. Check our Web site or contact your Regional Manager for pricing information.

To learn more, contact your Regional Manager.

Be sure to spread the word with your fellow educators.

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