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Try TestTalker! Free Demo

Request a TestTalker Timed Evaluation CD be mailed to you.
Click here to request a timed evaluation CD of TestTalker by e-mail.

Notes on TestTalker Demo

The TestTalker demo is based on the Teacher Edition of TestTalker. The timed evaluation version of TestTalker works on Windows XP; it does not work on Windows 7 or Windows Vista computers. It does not work on Apple computers. If you wish to use TestTalker with a scanner, the scanner drivers must be installed and the scanner must be connected to the computer prior to running TestTalker.

You can also try the test out as a student would interact with it. The demo CD does not include the Student Edition of TestTalker, which is what the student uses to take the test once it has been configured in the Teacher Edition. The Student Edition simply allows the student to see the test as it appeared in its original format, hear the questions spoken, and fill in the answer blanks or click on the multiple choice or True/False buttons. It provides an electronic, talking version of the test. A purchase of TestTalker Teacher Edition includes one copy of TestTalker Student Edition. Additional copies of the Student Edition may be purchased separately.

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