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WYNN Data Sheet

Enhance Reading, Writing, and Productivity

WYNN™ is the innovative literacy solution that uses Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to enhance success for individuals with reading challenges and writing difficulties. In addition to its many well-recognized educational features, WYNN 7 introduces the new PAL literacy toolkit. These software tools help students work with content-area text. PAL includes the PREPARE process, with features that support previewing, reading, and comprehending text, along with special features for taking notes and completing writing assignments.

What's New in WYNN

  • PAL Literacy Toolkit: tools to help students work with all text and particularly content-area text
  • PREPARE process: well-researched strategy that supports the educational process, including reading, comprehending, note-taking, and writing
  • Notecards and Writing Templates: support writing to meet the Common Core State Standards
  • Updated user interface: new toolbar button design provides an additional option for users; legacy toolbar buttons for those more comfortable with WYNN’s traditional design
  • Additional toolbar buttons for Save to MP3 and other most requested features: some of WYNN’s more popular features, including Save to MP3, Book Search, and Send to Word, now have their own toolbar buttons
  • Enhanced network install capabilities: WYNN’s network installation, including silent install, has been updated and enhanced for easier deployment

Versions to Meet Your Needs

  • WYNN Wizard, our premier product, includes optical character recognition (OCR), the ability to scan printed pages and convert them to electronic text
  • WYNN Reader includes all features except OCR and scanning
  • Network WYNN’s floating licenses can be deployed over LAN or WAN, providing more flexibility and mobility
  • Site and District Licenses give unlimited usage across a building or an entire district
  • WYNN Loan License provides take home copies for schools that have site or district licenses

WYNN Features and Benefits

Bimodal Approach

WYNN’s acclaimed educational tools are designed to help individuals improve their skills through its bimodal approach – simultaneous highlighting of text as it is spoken. This method is recognized as aiding reading comprehension and writing skills.

Learning & Productivity Support

Our Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Homophones, Word Prediction, Highlighter, Outliner, Voice Notes, Text Notes, and MP3 file conversion tools provide educationally-proven features to support individual learning styles. WYNN also now offers Notecards and Templates to support writing. The writing templates are aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

PAL Features Support Educational Strategy

Defined with Michigan State University, the PAL (Promoting Academic Literacy) toolkit in WYNN helps students work with content-area text. This includes the research-based PREPARE process, with features that support previewing, reading, and comprehending text, taking notes, and completing writing assignments.

Clear, Natural-Sounding Speech

WYNN provides high-quality, human-sounding voices. English and numerous other languages are included.

“Electronic Picture” of Text and Graphics

WYNN provides an exact replica of text and graphics for a wide variety of file types, including Word, PDF, and HTML.

Add a PEARL® Camera to WYNN

Scanning pages with WYNN and PEARLLightning Fast OCR

The PEARL is the ultimate in portable scanning and reading. With just one keystroke, it snaps a picture and reads to you within seconds. Weighing only two pounds, PEARL provides excellent OCR access wherever you are reading.

Automatic Page Capture

In automatic mode, the PEARL senses motion, so it knows to snap an image whenever you turn a page. Place your book sideways, and the PEARL will snap two pages at a time and maintain the pagination.

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