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Download a Demo Version of the Current WYNN Release

If you want to try a free, fully-functional demonstration version of WYNN, select the link below to install and use WYNN in 40-minute Demo Mode. Scanning and OCR are fully functional for 30 days; all other features remain fully functional after that.

After installing the demo version, you may want to install one or more high-end voices to use with WYNN.  You can download and install any of the RealSpeak™ Solo Direct voices available on our Web site.  These are the same high-quality voices that ship with the full WYNN 7 product.  If you do not install these voices, WYNN 7 will still speak using any SAPI 5 voice already on your computer.  The built-in voices with most computers are not very high quality, so we recommend using the RealSpeak Solo Direct voices for the best user experience with WYNN.

To sample and download voices, visit the RealSpeak Solo Direct Voices Web page.

Request a Demo DVD of the Current WYNN Release

Click the link below to request that we mail you the WYNN Demo DVD. Note that the functionality of the Web download is the same as that of the DVD.

Check for Updates

If you already have WYNN 7 installed, remember to check for updates using WYNN's automatic update feature.

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