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WYNN™ User Interface

WYNN's user interface has been carefully designed to provide power, flexibility, and a short learning curve. Our color-coded toolbars have intuitive, large buttons  along with background colors that can be turned on or off to suit your visual preferences.

Web Toolbar

WYNN's Web browsing module supports the latest innovations in Web technology. Using the integrated toolbar and tools, students can easily conduct online research and access a multitude of cutting-edge Web sites. WYNN is also the first literacy program to provide highlighting functions for the Web.

Web toolbar

WYNN's new Web browsing module includes the ability to highlight text on a Web page and then to extract the highlighted text and the ability to have WYNN read online e-mail. WYNN also boasts one-click PDF file conversion, so you can spend your valuable time on the results, not the process. WYNN’s patented WebMasking feature has been enhanced to give students more options while reading Web pages. The Web module also includes a built-in pop-up blocker to allow students to focus with fewer distractions.

In addition to the Web toolbar, our toolbars focus on aiding users by providing a clean and uncluttered appearance and:

  • Easy-to-use rotating toolbars that provide all functions.
  • Intuitive buttons and icons that allow a short learning curve.
  • Simultaneous auditory and visual presentation to support all learning styles.
  • Clear, natural-sounding speech.

The File Management Toolbar

File Management toolbar

The blue File Management toolbar lets you scan a page, open, close, save, and print files. It also lets you browse the Internet. Use the Text View button, and its partner, the Exact View button, to switch between two different views of the page. Like the other three tool bars, this one includes the Next, Read, Write, Exact View, and Other Document buttons. Our new "Clean-up" button facilitates correction of errors that may occur in the document during scanning. This ensures that the document will be spoken correctly by WYNN, whether reading it in Exact View or Text View.

The Reading Styles Toolbar

Reading Styles toolbar

The green Reading Styles toolbar controls how WYNN presents the document, including the size of the text, spacing, margins, and the type of font used – all to make the page more readable and customized for the user. Plus, there's the popular Mask button, which "masks out" everything on the page except the section you wish to read.

The Study Tools Toolbar

Study Tools toolbar

The pink Study Tools toolbar gives you access to a talking dictionary and a thesaurus; lets you add a bookmark, text, or voice note to the document; and allows you to highlight selected text using brightly colored "markers." You can spell a word aloud or break it into syllables. With the List feature, instantaneously move highlighted or bookmarked text into a separate document to create vocabulary lists, study guides, and more. The Notecards button lets you take and organize your notes in electronic notecards.

The Writing Tools Toolbar

Writing Tools toolbar

The yellow Writing Tools toolbar helps create or edit a document. Our buttons let you cut, copy or paste text, run a spell check, or ask WYNN to find a specific word in the document. The word prediction feature helps struggling writers and spellers. Students can also create and manage outlines. Students can use the Homophone button to verify the correct word usage in their document. It is important to learn to spell these words as there are no spelling rules to help you remember them. The word's definition, along with the definitions of other like-sounding words, are available for selection and reading aloud.

Common Toolbar Buttons

There are several buttons available on all toolbars.

Common toolbar buttons

  • Next: Click to cycle through the four color-coded toolbars
  • Read/Pause: Click to start or stop reading a document aloud
  • Write/Read-Only: Click to allow text editing in the current document
  • Exact View/Text View: Click to view a scanned or imported  document in its original formatted form, or to see only the text in the document
  • File List: Click to open the left side navigation or PAL panel to display the names of open files, current and visited Web pages, or PAL tool buttons

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