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Freedom Scientific LSG Presents
The WYNNing Word Archive

A woman working on her laptopEach month our free monthly e-newsletter will feature stories, news, best practices, and an Ask-the-Expert column, all focused on supporting you in bringing literacy to your learners.

ASK-the-EXPERT: The WYNNing Word has been designed to help educators learn more about literacy issues and apply proven methods in the classroom. Freedom Scientific's resident expert, Lynn Regan, will answer your questions in her monthly column. To submit questions, please contact wynningword at

Previous Issues

Jan/Feb 2013 Profile WYNN Scores with the Wagner Family!
Oct/Nov 2012 WYNN 7 - New Release WYNN 7 - A New Generation of Educational Support is Here!
Jan/Feb 2012 Spotlight How Do You Inservice a Large District? Cypress-Fairbanks ISD has a Good Idea
October 2011 Spotlight Acadia University WYNNs with Literacy Software and Universal Design for Learning
June 2011 New Features Technology On-the-Go is the World Today!
WYNN™ 6.0 Combined with PEARL® Hits the Mark!
April 2011 Spotlight Every Student at Guerin Prep has WYNN
Feb/March 2011 WYNN 6.0 & ATIA 2011 WYNN 6.0 Creates Excitement at ATIA!
Dec 2010 Holiday Edition Global Success Stories with WYNN in 2010
Aug/Sept 2010 Profile WYNNING Can Make a Difference
June 2010 Spotlight WYNN is Centerpiece to Australia’s Write to Read Project
March/April 2010 New Lesson Plan Tools Freedom Scientific Learning Systems Group Announces their WYNN Lesson Plan Portfolio
Jan/Feb 2010 Research Study Study Reveals WYNN’s Voice & Text Notes Enable Significant Test Gains for Students
Nov/Dec 2009 Spotlight Enthusiasm Soars for WYNN Among Vocational & Academic Teachers
August 2009 Profile Love of Learning is a WYNNer for Future Engineer
June 2009 Profile A WYNN-WYNN for Mother and Daughter!
May 2009 Profile TestTalker Leads High School Graduate to Success!
April 2009 Spotlight A WYNNing Toolbelt Theory
March 2009 Spotlight WYNNing at the University of Ballarat and Beyond
Feb 2009 Profile Mother and Daughter Team Up for Success
Jan 2009 Spotlight Outstanding Services Are Being Offered to All People in Need of Assistive Technology in West Central Ohio!
Dec 2008 Holiday Edition Happy Holidays!
Nov 2008 Profile WYNN + Web = Success in Business
Oct 2008 Spotlight Meredith College Offers WYNN to All Students
Sept 2008 Profile Welcome Back!
May/June 2008 Profile Self Advocacy – What You Need Now
April 2008 Spotlight Vermont Tech Advocates Assistive Technology for All
Mar 2008 Special Edition Spring is Coming!
Jan/Feb 2008 Spotlight Training Teachers and Students Together!
What a Wonderful Experience
Nov/Dec 2007 Spotlight University Professor Finds Success with WYNN
Sept 2007 Spotlight This Changes Everything
April/May 2007 Spotlight Scanning! A Beautiful Word in Jason Maitland's Vocabulary
Mar 2007 Spotlight Does WYNN Give Students Access to Information at their Interest and Comprehension Levels? Just Ask Alex
Feb 2007 Spotlight WYNN Produces a Closed Circuit of Information for a Struggling Student to Achieve Success
Jan 2007 Spotlight College and Student Find Success with WYNN
Nov/Dec 2006 Special Offer Have You Heard!?
Oct 2006 New Features WYNN 5.1™ – You Spoke...We Listened!
Sept 2006 Back to School Students WYNN in Collier County
May 2006 Special Edition: Educators Excited About Our New WYNN 5.0™ Software
April 2006 Strategies: WYNN Helps Overcome Reading and Writing Roadblocks
Mar 2006 Special Edition: Arkansas University Commits to Supportive Technologies
Feb 2006 Spotlight: Student Success with WYNN in Saskatchewan
Jan 2006 Special Edition: Free Subscription to Award-Winning Online Curriculum
Nov 2005 Strategies: WYNN and SQ3R Help Readers Meet State Standards
Oct 2005 Spotlight: WYNN - Not Just for School
Sept 2005 Back to School: Working with Homophones in WYNN 4.0
June 2005 Ask the Expert: A TestTalker Question and Answer Session
May 2005 Best Practice: Integrating TestTalker at St. Matthew's Catholic School
Mar 2005 Spotlight: St. Matthew's Catholic School Discovers TestTalker


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