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December 2008
Dear WYNNing Word Subcriber,

Holiday ribbons

WYNNing Word has had the pleasure of interviewing many wonderful people during 2008.  Whether we spoke with a student, a parent, a teacher, or an administrator, we found their stories to be profoundly inspiring.  As we all look toward the new year with hope, we thought it might be encouraging for us all to reflect upon the thoughts of our contributors as to how WYNN has helped them to overcome learning difficulties.

Festive holiday bell"WYNN gave Alli all the freedom to become efficient at reading, therefore giving her the time to open her world and become a whole person.”  Janet

Festive holiday bell"This program empowers Matt and teaches him at the same time – what a combination!”  Erin

Festive holiday bell"I like the accuracy of the pronunciation of the words being read.  I am very impressed with the quality of the voices.”   Elaine

Festive holiday bell"WYNN can help all of our students overcome test anxiety and increase test scores; it’s just a fact!”  Dorothy

Festive holiday bell"I really like the highlight option on WYNN.  It helps me get through my readings faster and most of the time I retain more information by using this software.”   Student from Meredith College

Festive holiday bell"WYNN is so user-friendly!  It has helped me to gain coping skills necessary to deal with postsecondary education.  I knew the work could get done.”  Joel

Festive holiday bell"WYNN plus the Web has equaled success in business for my daughter.  She now has the confidence to venture forth to achieve her goal of business independence.”  Debbie Lynne

We here at WYNNing Word want to wish our contributors and our subscribers a wonderful holiday season.  We thank you for your interest in WYNN and Test Talker, and we hope to serve you well during the coming year.

We would like to leave you with one more thought from Janet Meyer that applies to all of us no matter what our walk of life,

“Celebrate your pockets of strength.”

Happy Holidays to All!

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