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Freedom Scientific Learning Systems Group Presents
The WYNNing Word
March/April 2010

Freedom Scientific/Learning Systems Group Announces their WYNN Lesson Plan Portfolio

New splash symbolWe are happy to present our newest educator resource, our WYNN Lesson Plan Portfolio! It is a new link on our Web site dedicated to presenting lesson plans for using WYNN to enhance the learning process.

To get started we have created some of our own lesson plans for you to view. We have also included one created by some teachers from the Deron School in New Jersey. When thinking of how to continue to develop this collection we thought, “Who would make better contributors than those people who are using WYNN in their classrooms?” It would be a powerful motivator for new users to see WYNN lessons that worked in classrooms around the world. We think your plans would benefit teachers, students, and individual users. So please take the time to share your lessons.

If your lesson is approved and posted in our Lesson Plan Portfolio, you will receive a $25 gift card to Target. We will gladly accept your plans in any format, but here is a sample of a format you might find user-friendly.

Sample Lesson Plan Using WYNN

Student writing in notebookTeacher: Mr. Quinn

School: Carlton Jr. High School

Grade Level: 7th Grade Resource Room

Subject Area: Language Arts

Skill: Written Composition

Title: Descriptive Paragraph

Description: Teacher will provide list of possible topics to write on.

Goals: Students will write a Descriptive Paragraph using WYNN.

Objectives: Students will use a topic sentence, at least eight sentences of detail, and a concluding/clincher sentence to compose a descriptive paragraph.

Procedure: Have students choose from one of the following topics:

  • Your Favorite Sport
  • The House You Live In
  • A Dream Vacation
  • Your Favorite Pet
  • Your Favorite Book, Song, or Movie

Before students begin to write their paragraphs, using a microphone, they will dictate their thoughts on the topic they have chosen using the Voice Note* on the Pink Study Tools toolbar. Next they will open a new document on the Blue File Management toolbar and then will go to the Yellow Writing toolbar. While in Edit Mode, they will begin to write their paragraph. Remind the students to include a topic sentence, at least eight sentences of detail, and a concluding sentence. Students will be given the option of using the Word Prediction and Outline features on this toolbar to aid in writing their paragraphs.

(*As mentioned in the January/February WYNNing Word, current research validates the power of Voice Notes to improve student reading comprehension and writing abilities. Many students find it much easier to tell their story than to write it. The Voice Note allows the student to verbalize thoughts in a retrievable format prior to writing. This enhances the student’s ability to express thoughts without frustration, thereby building self-confidence.)

Material Needed: Computer with WYNN 5.1, microphone for Voice Note, and this lesson plan.

Assessment/Evaluation: Using WYNN, the seven students in this class were able to compose a descriptive paragraph including a topic sentence, sentences of detail and a concluding sentence.

Additional Lesson Plans

Below are links to several other WYNN lesson plans:

Human Body
The Human Body
A series of four plans that
can be adapted to any level
Launch to WYNN
An interesting idea from teachers at the Deron School for training teachers and students
Island of the Blue Dolphin dust jacket
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A lesson to help all
students enjoy literature

Abraham Lincoln
House Divided
An interactive way to introduce
your students to the Civil War

We would love to share your lesson plans with other WYNN users. They would be a wonderful resource for everyone! Please consider taking the time to send us your plans. You will be helping other teachers and their students to expand their knowledge of how WYNN benefits the learning process.

Click here to download the lesson plan format shown in this article. Remember, you are not restricted to this format. You may send your plan to or fax it to 772-461-2812. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you would like to have new lesson plans sent to your desktop, please email Remember you can always view the plans on our
Freedom Scientific/LSG Web site.

Smiley faceRemember, when you attend a conference where WYNN is being presented, you have an opportunity to be a WYNN-Winner. Just stop by our booth and sign up for our drawing for a free WYNN Reader. You just may win! Patty Nizio from Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Novi, MI was a winner of a WYNN Reader at the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) conference in Orlando, Florida this past January. We received this message from her after she was notified:

“You cannot believe how happy you have made me with this news! I have been going to ATIA for four years and have never won anything!! And better yet, it is the WYNN Reader! We bought TestTalker a few years ago and love it, and WYNN has been on our Wish List for a long time! We see many children, teen and young adults for AT evaluations and treatment. It will be wonderful to not only use it with our clients, but also to show to parents and teachers.”

Congratulations not only to Patty, but also to M. Barley from Upper Arlington School District, Columbus, Ohio, and Sherry Oakely, from Aurora, Colorado. They also won a WYNN Reader at ATIA. We hope they all enjoy learning more about WYNN!

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