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WYNNing Word

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Freedom Scientific Learning Systems Group Presents
The WYNNing Word
February/March 2011

WYNN 6.0 Creates Excitement at ATIA!

WYNN 6.0 product box

Imagine Success!

Improve Reading, Writing
and Studying with
WYNN's New Powerful Tools!

We introduced WYNN™ 6.0 at this year's ATIA conference in Orlando this past January, and it got rave reviews! People who visited our booth were very excited about our newest innovative tools for improving the educational process for those struggling with reading and writing. There was overwhelming interest in the PEARL® camera.

Comments by visitors to our booth

After working with the PEARL in OpenBook® from Freedom Scientific and then seeing the camera in action with WYNN 6.0, Stephen DelTatto, Silver Lining Technologies, LLC, a Freedom Scientific Premier Authorized Dealer, had this to say, "Special Education teachers and IT administrators will love this new scanning camera design. It is the fastest and most accurate scanner on the planet. It's proven - it's real - it works! WYNN with the new PEARL scan camera takes a picture of the page and is READING it back in under five SECONDS! PEARL can scan 20 pages in one minute. This is a real solution to save incredible amounts of time and frustration and provides students with instant access to print materials like never before."

Cathy Hoesterey, Assistive Technology Specialist for the Bellevue district in the state of Washington, was also excited about the WYNN/PEARL combination.

"At last, an easy way to scan books and provide text to speech access for students in a flash. The PEARL camera gives students and teachers the power to scan books on the fly and provide quick access to their curriculum."

"PEARL is perfect for individuals, especially those in college or the workplace, who need information access in a variety of locations."

"Wow. With Bookshare®, students can easily get their own books."

"Skim Read will help my students review information quickly."

New features enhance Universal Design for Learning principles

WYNN's unique features and benefits were created with input from educators, researchers, and individuals with learning difficulties such as dyslexia. WYNN uses Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to enhance success. WYNN was designed to be useful for all users, yet excels at satisfying the needs of learning disabled and struggling students. Everything in WYNN, down to the smallest detail, is built to satisfy those rigorous requirements.

  • MathML - Support for math and science formulas written using MathML, the math mark-up language adopted as part of the NIMAS standard.
  • Skim Read - Save time while studying by quickly checking out what's in a document before reading it thoroughly.
  • Two-Tone Exact View - Change color Exact View to black & white or any other color - mirrors the color combination in Text View.
  • Split View - See Exact View and Text View simultaneously. This provides easy comparison of the original document and the resulting Text View, which allows visual tailoring to assist with visual processing difficulties.
  • Book Search - Search for Bookshare, Gutenberg, and Baen books from within WYNN.

Quick Book Search dialog box

  • Crisp Exact View - Technical advances have made WYNN's Exact View even more crisp and clean, providing an even better user experience.
  • Support for scripted or "push" installs for easier network deployment in busy school districts.
  • New WYNN Loan License provides support for roaming laptops, take-home student use, in fact, any use when the user is away from the school network.

And we are proud to be introducing...

PEARL camera support - Lightning fast OCR with the portable PEARL camera

Scanning pages with WYNN and PEARL along with the PEARL camera folded for easy transport

PEARL brings instant portable access to printed material with an array of high quality voices. The folding camera sets up in seconds to connect to your PC and snap a picture of your reading material.

Some of its outstanding features include

  • True portable access anywhere you go.
  • Convert printed text to high quality speech in seconds.
  • Scan 20 pages per minute.
  • Scan books without removing the binding.
  • Add notes and highlighting.
  • Export to other applications such as Microsoft® Word or Notepad.
  • Fold up and take it with you in its protective carrying case.

Read the WYNN/PEARL product sheet for more information.

Newest tools are wonderful additions to already acclaimed features of WYNN

WYNN continues to maintain its other unique differentiators for the benefit of all of our users, such as its clean, clear user interface, including the unique Text View/Exact View method to display documents; Web Browsing features, including the patented WebMasking® feature; NavBar for managing open documents; and visual tailoring, including the ability to change size, line spacing, and word spacing with a click of the mouse.


  • Easy-to-use Features - WYNN incorporates time-honored educational strategies to aid reading, writing, and comprehension for individuals of all ages.
  • Bimodal Approach to Reading and Writing - WYNN's acclaimed educational tools are designed to help individuals improve their skills through its bimodal approach - simultaneous highlighting of text as it is spoken. This method is recognized as aiding reading comprehension and writing skills.
  • Custom Toolbars for Individual Needs and Preferences - WYNN was created to support individual styles. The four color-coded, rotating toolbars have a simple point-and-click interface. Our custom settings provide targeted support for various learning preferences and specific educational activities, such as researching the Internet, studying, and other situations. WYNN incorporates time-honored educational strategies to aid reading, writing, and comprehension for individuals of all ages.
  • Learning and Productivity Support - Our Dictionaries*, Thesaurus*, Homophones, Word Prediction, Highlighter *, Outliner, Voice Notes *, and Text Notes * provide educationally-proven features to support individual learning styles. WYNN also now offers MP3 conversion for its files.
    (*Available in both Exact View and Text View.)
  • Clear, Natural-sounding Speech - WYNN provides high-quality, human-sounding voices. English and multiple other languages are included.
  • Electronic Picture of Text and Graphics - WYNN provides an exact replica of text and graphics for a wide variety of file types, including Word, PDF, and HTML.
  • Self-paced, Individual Reading Environments - With WYNN, students can easily create preferred auditory reading environments - pause between sentences, numerous voices and languages, speed of reading, and immediate stop and start.

Come see WYNN 6.0 at CSUN 2011

Freedom Scientific invites you to attend our product presentations at CSUN, March 14-19, in San Diego, CA, where we will be showcasing the very latest in technological innovations, including LSG's WYNN 6.0 and the PEARL camera.

Sessions include:

StarSneak Preview of the Next Version of WYNN
Friday, March 18th
3:10 PM to 4:10 PM
Manchester C Freedom

StarIntegrating the New Common Core State Standards with Tomorrow's Technology
Friday, March 18th
9:20 AM to 10:20 AM
Manchester C Freedom

For more information about our exciting new features, please contact your local dealer or LSG Regional Manager

Freedom Scientific, Learning Systems Group, Regional Managers
11800 31st Court North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33716-1805

E-mail or visit

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