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WYNNing Word

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Freedom Scientific Learning Systems Group Presents
The WYNNing Word
April 2011

Every Student at Guerin Prep has WYNN™

Picture of Guerin students with text overlay: About College Prep. Faith. Friends. Fun. Skills. Opportunity

Guerin College Preparatory High School in River Grove, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, is a Catholic secondary school of about 540 students. Guerin strives to instill in its students a sense of global awareness and to empower them with the knowledge, values, and skills required to become active participants and effective leaders in today's world.

Tracy Hannon, director of the Barbara Welch Learning and Enrichment Center at the school, recently told us that in order to achieve that goal for all of their students, she is constantly looking for innovative tools and programs. “We have a diverse population that includes students with mild to moderate learning disabilities. We do not have a formal special education program, but we do provide resource support and accommodations for our LD students. We do not modify assignments or grades, so it is essential to find the right tools to ensure success with these students.”

While attending a conference in 2007, Ms. Hannon was specifically looking for assistive technology that would provide support in reading, written expression, and study skills. She looked at many of the programs offered at the conference. “WYNN was the only platform that provided assistance in all three areas,” Ms. Hannon told us. She brought WYNN back to Guerin, and by 2008, it was installed on every faculty and student laptop.

During the initial time of installation, Learning Systems Group's Eastern Regional Manager trained the teachers of students in the Sullivan Program, a developmental education program for students needing to build the academic skills required to succeed in Guerin's college prep curriculum and post-secondary education. During these sessions, our Eastern Regional Manager noted that some teachers found WYNN immediately helpful in meeting the needs of these particular students. Some of the benefits the teachers noted include:

  • The WYNN software opened their Holt textbooks easily
  • Teachers immediately saw value in study tools and Web resources
  • English and Social Science teachers were impressed by the productís writing tools
  • Counselors thought the study tools would be valuable for all students
  • Educators believed downloading novels from Bookshare® would be immensely helpful for students with auditory processing disorders

Additional training provided by both Freedom Scientific and Guerin personnel further aided English teachers and their students in the use of WYNNís many reading, writing, and study tools. These sessions encouraged participants to create study guides for better comprehension and test preparation. Upon completion of the training and then the actual use of WYNN in the classroom, Ms. Hannon reported that teachers were impressed with the improvement in their students' written language. “The students who struggle with written expression are finding success in using word prediction and the text-to-speech component for editing.”

Picture of yellow Writing Tools toolbar

Our Word Prediction feature is an excellent tool to help struggling writers find the ”right“ words. Click here to read more about Word Prediction.

After all staff members had participated in a WYNN training, one of the Spanish teachers began using WYNN regularly with her Spanish I class. “Students use the program to translate materials, for pronunciation help, and to create review sheets. It certainly eases the transition of an ELL student,” stated Ms. Hannon. “Some students are even downloading vocabulary to MP3 files for study on-the-go.”

We also learned about how WYNN proved to be of exceptional help to a transfer student from Albania. The student found the Web tools, the dictionary, and the pronunciation features to be valuable tools in coping with learning a new language in a new country.

Ms. Hannon explained that she and the staff feel much of the success of WYNN with their school population comes from the fact that WYNN has an easy-to-use interface. “The students like the ease of the platform and the quick reference guide that simply explains the icons on each tool bar. And the text-to-speech capabilities are a BIG hit!”

Picture of pink Study Tools toolbar from the Educational Benefits brochure

Our Educational Benefits brochure is an easy-to-follow guide to our color-coded toolbars. It is an excellent resource that can be readily accessible to students and teachers for assistance as they are learning to use WYNN. 

Keep an Eye on the News

Gold star
WYNN 6.0 is coming, along with the optional PEARL camera, a wonderful, new, portable scanning tool!

CSUN attendees were excited about WYNN 6.0 and its newest tools. Here is what some professionals had to say.

  • “We initially planned to purchase six PEARLs but after seeing it at CSUN, our district decided to purchase ten,” said one show attendee. “The convenience of being able to scan anywhere was the deciding factor.”
  • “I really am impressed with the speed and convenience of the PEARL! Because it is portable I can easily scan documents at any location.”
  • “MathML is a winner Ė aid with reading, aid with math, thatís great.”
  • “I am so pleased that WYNN continues to maintain its easy-to-use interface while adding more features!”

Please read our ATIA 2011 Winter edition of the WYNNing Word to learn more about WYNN 6.0.

View a brief scanning demonstration using our new PEARL camera with a netbook.

Gold star
Donít miss out! Find out about funding opportunities for your school.

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With cuts to school budgets, teachers are searching for ways to innovate with breaking the bank. Visit the digital version of eSchool News to read about interesting free resources to help you in your lesson planning.

WYNNing Word Archives

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