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Freedom Scientific Learning Systems Group Presents
The WYNNing Word
June 2011

Technology On-the-Go is the World Today!
WYNN™ 6.0 Combined with PEARL® Hits the Mark!

NetbooksIn today’s world, we are all looking for faster, smaller, more convenient, and most importantly, more economic ways of dealing with technology in our lives. We want to have access to information as rapidly as possible whether it is for the purpose of social networking, entertainment, everyday news, or educational expansion. We have our desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones. All give us almost instant connection with our world. As educators, we see the value of another “laptop” option, the netbook.

What excites us most here at Freedom Scientific is the fact netbooks, coupled with the PEARL camera, are giving WYNN 6.0 users even greater portability. While many of you are probably very familiar with netbooks, you may not be with the PEARL camera.

PEARL camera and caseThe PEARL camera sets up in seconds to connect to a PC. Using WYNN 6.0, users simply press the Scan button to snap a picture, and hear their documents read back to them while they control the reading speed and voice. Users can also use this information to develop outlines, research information simply by going to the Web in WYNN, take written and audio notes, and then use tools such as Word Prediction to develop an original written presentation of the material. All of these functions occur quickly and conveniently. Users have the advantage of completing their project at work, school, or home due to the flexibility of their netbook, PEARL camera, and WYNN 6.0.

Many of our dealers, customers, and current WYNN users foresee great success with the winning combination of a netbook, WYNN 6.0, and the PEARL camera. Here is what some educators and dealers are saying about the use of netbooks in the classroom in general and in conjunction with WYNN 6.0.

Gold starOne dealer reported getting positive reactions from his clients, especially those teachers who have to move from school to school. These teachers believe they will enjoy the convenience of having a compact unit. This saves precious time for both teacher and student. One dealer commented, “WYNN 6.0, the PEARL camera, and a netbook will make life easier therefore stimulating users to expand their goals for expected outcomes.”

Gold star“What students need day in and day out is a highly portable computer that gives them access to a wider range of browser-based resources and applications. Those may be located on a server in the district or anywhere on the Web. While much of this can be accomplished with a mere smartphone device, a nearly full-sized keyboard, and 10-inch display takes usability to a different level. Toss in basic office productivity software and Web-based e-mail, and the student has a tool that will meet the vast majority of his or her needs,” said Bob Moore in “More Than Just a Fad.” Why not further increase the productivity by adding a literacy product such as WYNN 6.0?

Gold starAnother educator pointed out that netbooks are better than smaller devices such as the iPod or smartphones because they are not as easy to break and may not “disappear” quite so easily. She said she is always on the road training teachers and discovered that many of the districts were using netbooks. She decided to try one out and found that they run most applications flawlessly and are much more convenient to carry from place to place. WYNN 6.0 runs well on netbooks that use Windows.

Gold star“I now take a netbook when visiting client sites. It has all my essential software and can be plugged into projectors or monitors just like a normal laptop. There’s no need to disassemble my office hardware, and the device can be carried all day without causing a hernia,” said Craig Buckler in “6 Reasons to Buy a Netbook.” The PEARL camera is a plug-and-play device that will enhance the overall use of the netbook.

Gold star“While you can argue that the price of regular laptops has plunged over the last few years, the netbook price point remains extremely appealing. For a few hundred dollars, you can walk away with a portable computer that should that system fail, it's a lot less expensive to replace, a truly appealing asset for economically stressed school districts,” said Erica Sadun in “Five Reasons to Seriously Consider Buying a Netbook.” The saving money concept continues when you purchase WYNN 6.0 and a PEARL camera as a package.

Gold star“I get to take it home to study? Wow!” a third grader said. “I just thought I got to use it. I like it.” Read how Pikes Peak Prep will be incorporating netbooks into their curriculum. The combination of WYNN 6.0 and the PEARL camera will help to enhance the science experience for struggling students. Nearly instant scanning of material that could be immediately read to the student would enable these students to keep pace with the rest of their classmates increasing self-confidence and motivation.

Teacher using WYNN 6.0 with a netbook and  PEARLFrom the information we have gathered, we see netbooks as being an economic answer for the on-the-go society we have become. That is why we also believe that adding WYNN 6.0 and the PEARL camera combination to a netbook is a positive addition to any teacher’s or student’s arsenal of work tools to enhance learning wherever it may be happening. It is wonderful to see our products motivating students and teachers to raise their expectations for success!

Watch the PEARL camera in action to see how quick and easy our newest tool can be.

To read more about WYNN 6.0 and the PEARL camera, see the February/March 2011 WYNNing Word.

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