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WYNNing Word

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Freedom Scientific Learning Systems Group Presents
The WYNNing Word
October/November 2012

Students using WYNNWYNN 7

A new generation of educational support is here!

A cognitive strategy plus new features:

  • PREPARE process
  • PAL toolkit
  • Updated interface

WYNN, the award-winning literacy software tool, is designed to enhance success for individuals with reading challenges and writing difficulties.  WYNN was designed to be useful for all users, yet excels at supporting the needs of learning disabled and struggling students.

Ideas that Work - U.S. Office of Special Education Programs logoWYNN 7 software provides a new generation of educational support developed in tandem with Michigan State University. Dr. Cynthia Okolo, a professor of special education at MSU, is best known for her research that focuses on improving content-area literacy for students with learning problems and disabilities. Working together, Dr. Okolo and Freedom Scientific, Learning Systems Group defined the cognitive strategy and developed the features in WYNN 7. WYNN 7 was created with the support of a Steppingstones grant from OSEP (U.S. Office of Special Education Programs).

WYNN's unique benefits have always helped students and adults lead more productive lives in the classroom, at home, and on the job, but with WYNN 7's new features, even greater success is possible!

We are proud to introduce our two new concepts in WYNN 7:

  • PREPARE - a systematic educational process to support active interaction with text, including supports for reading, writing, studying, and organizing notes
  • Promoting Academic Literacy (PAL) toolkit - new features to aid students to read and understand content-area text and to support better writing skills

WYNN 7’s research based cognitive approach and new features, PREPARE and PAL, include the first-of-its-kind electronic notecards, plus writing templates aligned with the Common Core State Standards.


(P)review - teacher sets goal for reading text

(R)ead - student reads assigned text using text-to-speech

(E)xamine - student goes back to locate main and important ideas

(P)ick What's Important - highlight key ideas or answers to teacher-generated questions

(A)rrange - highlighted text into key ideas

(R)ework - summarize key ideas; create notecards for studying and writing

(E)xplain - write final paper using templates and notecards


The PAL toolkit supports the PREPARE process with new features that assist students to read and understand content-area text and to support better writing skills:

  • Supportive information
    Directions that precede text direct the reader’s focus for studying and comprehension.

    Ability to extract text to a new document or outline.
  • Electronic notecards
    Provide comprehension and writing support to assist students.
  • Templates
    Eliminate the “blank page” problem and provide writing support.

The process and features provide an educationally strategic and fluid approach to support reading, comprehension, and writing.

Let’s take a look at how the distinct steps of PREPARE and PAL work together to help ensure greater success for struggling students.

Step 1: Preview

The Preview step is designed to engage students before they read the text, during pre-reading. Research shows that good readers set a purpose for reading. Accordingly, educators may add an over-arching concept for students to think about during their reading.

Preview step

Step 2: Read

Read lets students read at their own pace. All WYNN supports are always available. This includes text-to-speech, dictionary, visual modifications, and voice and text annotations.

Read step

Step 3: Examine

Examine enables students to find and focus on the important information in the material. Teachers may add targeted questions to the beginning of the reading assignment.

Examine step

Step 4: Pick

Pick What’s Important utilizes the Highlight tool to choose up to five different colors to highlight important information or to answer questions.

Pick step

Step 5: Arrange

Arrange enables students to create an outline for the purpose of studying or writing. One click and voilà, an outline!

Arrange step

Step 6: Rework

Rework allows information to be organized into electronic notecards using questions in the Examine pane along with the highlights as support.

Rework step

Step 7: Explain

Explain enables students to use a template and any notecards to help them complete an essay or other written assignment. We have included sample templates, but educators may create their own. As a final step, the finished essay can easily be exported into Word.

Explain step in WYNN

Document exported to Word

New User Interface and Other Great Changes

In addition to the new study tools and strategy, WYNN has a new look and great new toolbar buttons. Our updated look includes:

Updated user interface

  • New toolbar button design provides an additional option for users
  • Legacy toolbar buttons for those more comfortable with WYNN’s traditional design

Additional toolbar changes

  • New Save to MP3 on the File Management toolbar

    Save to Audio button
  • New Book Search on the File Management toolbar

    Book Search button
  • New Send to Word on the File Management toolbar

    Export to Word button
  • Updated Web toolbar

    Web toolbar

WYNN is the innovative literacy solution that uses Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles to enhance success for individuals with reading challenges and writing difficulties. Now, in addition to its many well-recognized educational features, the PREPARE strategy and the PAL toolkit in WYNN 7 will greatly enhance the success of struggling readers and writers. WYNN 7 will open the doors to greater horizons for many of the students in our classrooms today!

Reaction to WYNN 7 has been terrific. Sally Brodie, School Project & Technology Manager, Woodlynde School, told us, “After seeing WYNN 7 the teachers were practically jumping out of their seats! They were talking about how the PREPARE process, coupled with the PAL tools, would assist their students with writing.”

Carey Busch, Director of Disability Services & Regional Campus Coordinator, Ohio University, said, “WYNN has a great updated look that our students will connect with and makes the software even easier to learn.”

We hope you make an opportunity to experience WYNN 7. We believe you will like what you see!!

Save with our early upgrade prices!

Piggy bank
WYNN Wizard Upgrade: $159 per license

WYNN Reader Upgrade: $139 per license

Remember we give quantity discounts, so your pricing could be even lower!

Upgrade your products today - our prices will increase January, 2013. Just call your Regional Manager or Customer Service today!

Customer Service

Steve Boyle (Western US)
800-444-4443 extension 3915

Peggy Dalton (New England and International)
800-444-4443 extension 1181

Bonnie Hill (Southern US & Latin America)
800-444-4443 extension 1183

Mike Wood (Eastern and Central US)
800-444-4443 extension 3917

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