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WYNNing Word

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Freedom Scientific Learning Systems Group Presents
The WYNNing Word
January/February 2013

WYNN Scores with the Wagner Family!

Heather and George Wagner“Your software is key to my daughter’s success. Heather is going to get her master's degree, not bad for a child who could not read when she was 12 years old!” – George Wagner

“WYNN opened up a new world for me. It allowed me to put more of myself into my work. This program has been a huge part of me learning how to work with my disability.” – Heather Wagner

LSG is always interested in what folks say about using WYNN. People using WYNN are our greatest source of information regarding the real needs of someone with a learning disability. When we heard from George Wagner about his daughter’s experience with WYNN, we knew it was a story our readers would like to hear. We hope you will enjoy meeting Heather Wagner as much as we did.

Heather's Background from a Father's Point of View

“First, let me tell you that my daughter has dyslexia. Her story really is remarkable and a testament to the hidden ability that lies within people with learning disabilities.

“Heather wrote a poem when she was in 5th grade describing how she felt about being a child in her situation. While the poem was hers alone, she had her mother transcribe her words. She proudly took her poem to school. When I arrived at school for a parent meeting her poem was on the wall. The words were a jumble and the meaning lost. The teachers had accused her of cheating and made her rewrite the piece on her own. Can you imagine the emotional trauma this 10-year-old child went through after being accused of cheating!

“I became enraged and began an 18-month-long struggle to get her the education she needed and deserved. I persevered through countless IEP (Individualized Education Program) meetings with educators whose only concern seemed to be to protect their school system. Finally, through arbitration with the State Supreme Court and our school district, Heather was enrolled in the New Community School in Richmond, Virginia.

“While Heather's IEP required her to have a laptop and appropriate software assistance, funds were not available for this purpose. My wife, Katherine, and I decided that we would provide the computer ourselves and find appropriate software. After hearing about WYNN from one of Heather's friends, Katherine researched the software and thought it could possibly be of value to Heather. Heather's friend, who also has dyslexia, reported that she was happy about the success she was having in school since using WYNN.

“It took a while, but the staff at New Community came to realize the value of using technology in Heather's educational process. Even the staunchest ‘old method’ teachers had to admit technology, WYNN especially, was a valuable tool for struggling students. Heather helped to bring the school into the 21st century!”

Heather's Point of View in Her Own Words

Ferrum College campus“Hello, my name is Heather Wagner, and I have dyslexia. I am a junior at Ferrum College, and I have been using the WYNN program ever since a dear friend of mine, Emily Miller, recommended it to me in 9th grade. Emily had explained that this program gave her independence to work on papers without having to rely on her parents to check after her. Something I was personally longing for, to just be able to sit down by myself and write a paper without having to worry if I left out a word or misspelled something.

“Then my parents, mostly my mom, Katherine Wagner, who was tired of staying up with me to help write papers, researched the program and saw that it was something worth trying. In their minds it worked so well for Emily, why not for me. After that day this program became a huge part of my life. I loved WYNN. The program was easy to use. The voices on it were more human and less creepy than any other program I had used before. My teachers noticed that I was not leaving out as many words in my papers and doing more research for papers.

“Before WYNN, it would take me hours to read an article online or from a book, but with this program I could copy and paste an article from online into WYNN and be done with reading in less than an hour. This was not a cure-all, but the other problems I had with grammar were not as big of a deal and can be solved by using a mix of WYNN and Dragon Naturally Speaking. Overall this program saved me in the academic world. Now I use WYNN for everything including writing long status reports on Facebook or reading e-mails. No longer do my friends have to guess at what I am saying when I am messaging them online. With the help of WYNN they know what I am saying. My friends will sometimes joke and say I have my own language, but WYNN helps me get over that wall.

“WYNN has many tools that are helpful such as spelling the word, changing the color of the page, and being able to bookmark spots. Each one of these tools helps me with learning. Even something as simple as changing the color of the page helps my eyes not to hurt when I am working on the computer for long periods of time. Also the Spell Word feature helps me learn how to spell words, so I don't make the same error twice. Yet one tool stands out most of all, and that is the reading option that this program has. It allows me to be more detailed with my work both inside and outside of school. This program opened up a new world for me. It allowed me to put more of myself into my work. I truly wish that this program can be more available to all students with special needs. This program should be in every special needs school or classroom in the country. This program has been a huge part of me learning how to work with my disability.”

We at Freedom Scientific, LSG also Think Heather is an Amazing Young Woman

Heather WagnerAt 12-years-old Heather was a withdrawn child who rarely interacted with others and stayed in her room the entire summer. Today she is a junior at Ferrum College where she is the Resident Assistant at the Honors Dorm. She also works in the computer lab at the library and is the president of the English Club. All this while carrying a 16-hour course load working toward her goal of becoming a psychologist! We say, Hooray Heather! You are truly an inspiration to all young people.”

Dad's closing comments, “Heather's ambition and desire to learn were greatly enhanced by the use of WYNN, and I thank you for making it available!”

We are proud to be a part of Heather's success story!

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