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Freedom Scientific LSG Presents
The WYNNing Word WYNNing Word
June, 2005

Philadelphia Freedom Scientific LSG!

NECC 2005 will be in Philadelphia June 27-30

This year's theme is Digital Illuminations - Sparking a Revolution in Learning

The learning revolution continues for us as we unveil WYNN 4 and demonstrate the power of our products for learners of all ages. Learn about the newest features of WYNN 4. See the new toolbar improvements and Exact View changes, hear the new AT&T Natural Voices and learn about upgraded editing capabilities! Bring this email to Booth 225 for a special gift.

Our newsletter this month is dedicated to answering questions from our readers. We hope to enhance the skills of both teachers and students by helping our audience to have a better understanding of LSG products. We would also like to encourage the sharing of ideas.
"Those who dare to teach, must never cease to learn!
So if you have worked with TestTalker and have suggestions that you feel would be of interest to our readers, please email and we will publish them in a future newsletter.


Q. Will TestTalker read other languages?
A. Yes, TestTalker can scan and read in Spanish and English. It is set for English. If you want to change it to Spanish, in the Teacher Edition, go to the Tools menu and change Recognition Language (in Scanning Settings) and Language (in Speech Settings) to Spanish. To have TestTalker read back to the student in Spanish, in Student Edition, in the Tools menu, change Language (in Speech Settings) to Spanish.

Q. Is it possible to change the size of the font in the fill-in boxes to accommodate longer answers?
A. While it is not possible to change the font size, you can make additional fill-in boxes as an option for answers longer than than the box you have inserted into the test. This option will allow students to move on to the next box if they wish to make their answers longer.

Q. What type of scanners work with TestTalker?
A. For information on recommended scanners:

Q. Do you have any suggestions for scanning large textbooks?
A. WYNN Tip Sheets under Scanning Assistance:

Q. How do you arrange for TestTalker training?
A. For quick information: LSG/downloads/Prof_Dev_19-Jun-03.pdf
For more detailed information: Email Peggy Dalton - Director of Professional Development at:

Q. How do you get more information about TestTalker?
A. For quick information: LSG/products/testtalker.asp
For more specific information: Call Kathe Mauldin at 888-223-3344 Ext. 119 or Kathleen Wallace at 800-444-4443 Ext. 1089

Q. How do you get a TestTalker demo?
A. Call Kathe Mauldin at 888-223-3344 Ext. 119 or Kathleen Wallace at 800-444-4443 Ext. 1089

If you would like to read an independent review of TestTalker, please follow this link,

Hope these possible solutions have been helpful to you. Please continue to send any questions to Lynn Regan at

WW_Archive.asp: This link will allow access to all WYNNing Word past issues.

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