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Freedom Scientific LSG Presents
The WYNNing Word WYNNing Word
April, 2006

Reading and Writing Roadblocks:
How WYNN Can Help

Smiling girl with book A person is diagnosed with a Learning Disability, but what exactly does that mean? There are many definitions for the term "Learning Disability."

As we all know, Learning Disability truly is an umbrella term. It is NOT a definition of any one specific learning disability. While there are many specific learning disabilities, in general, all LD people have difficulty with academic achievement. There are discrepancies between the person’s potential for learning and what that person actually learns. In the academic world, this gap leads to frustration for both student and teacher. How can they work together to close that gap?

Studies show that assistive technology, such as WYNN, provides the necessary tools for students to overcome the obstacles hindering their learning process. These tools enable the student to become more engaged in their academic material therefore allowing them to keep pace with their classmates. This is a motivational process that leads to greater student success and self confidence. Educators know success is a critical motivator for learning. After experiencing success many reluctant, discouraged learners are transformed into proficient, motivated learners.

How can the features of WYNN help students with specific learning disabilities?

Challenge Feature Support
DYSLEXIA Bimodal presentation Seeing & hearing each word read out loud simultaneously improves comprehension
Syllables Speaks words in syllables to help with decoding
Color overlays Eliminates light sensitivity when reading black text on white
Masking Dims out everything on the screen except the selected text to increase ability to focus visually and cognitively
Word prediction Suggests appropriate words to use while writing to enhance written fluency
Homophones Aids in understanding meanings of words that sound alike
Spell check Aids with spelling difficulties
ADD/ADHD Color overlays Different color text and backgrounds helps maintain focus
Pre-set outline formats Helps visually organize ideas for writing exercises
Masking Dims out everything on the screen except the selected text to increase ability to focus
Text Note & Voice Note Allows on-the-spot note taking for important reminders

Reading and Writing Roadblocks, How WYNN Can Help, describes specific learning disabilities and which features in WYNN assist the learner to become more successful and self confident. If you would like more information about WYNN, please e-mail

WYNN levels the playing field for my struggling students--Ms. Sherry Keenan, Resource room teacher, Washington.


Read Successful Strategies to learn how teachers and students are using WYNN in their classrooms. These stories will give you ideas on ways to implement WYNN in your classroom. They are inspiring!

TIP of the MONTH:

Scanning Button Scanning:

Want to improve the results of your scan?
Try this:

  • Click the Settings menu above any toolbar
  • Click Scanning Settings
  • Click to remove the check in the Color Scanning box
  • Click OK

If you have questions about scanning, e-mail

Don't forget last month's tip:

Don’t want to import a whole document? Only want some text and graphic from a Web site? Use our Freedom Import Printer to import that selection directly into WYNN:

  • Select text and graphic.
  • Access the Print command.
  • Choose FIP as the desired printer.
  • WYNN will automatically open with the selection on your screen.

Time is running out on this opportunity. Don't miss it!

To sign up for a $249/yr FREE subscription, to News Currents One on One, the nation’s leading online weekly current events curriculum, from Knowledge Unlimited, Inc. go to NewsCurrents and sign up for One on One, using your WYNN serial number as the promotion code. For more detailed information view the informational flyer (PDF).

WYNN Nominated for 2006 eSchool News Readers' Choice Awards

Yes, WYNN has been nominated in the following categories:

  • Reading Comprehension Young Readers
  • Reading Comprehension Old Readers
  • English as a Second Language Young Readers
  • English as a Second Language Old Readers

Voting will take place in June for Reading Curriculum Software.

You will hear more about this wonderful honor in future WYNNing Word newsletters.


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