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Freedom Scientific LSG Presents
The WYNNing Word WYNNing Word
May, 2006

Educators Excited About Our New WYNN 5.0™ Software

WYNN 5 Literacy Software "WYNN 5.0 is multi-sensory technology that customizes content for specific learning styles and challenges,” said Elaine Huot, M.Ed., Success Stream Learning, Educational Consultant and Language Specialist. “Using WYNN 5.0, students can now broaden their resource base to better use material from the Web. Using the WebMasking tool and other study supports, my students access a broad range of material that is presented to them in a way they can focus and comprehend. Text is highlighted and can be read to them at their own pace, allowing students the time they need to process the content. Struggling students are no longer limited to using only their text books."

WYNN 5.0 brings unprecedented advancements in the delivery of a Web-based content to individuals who struggle to read. This first-of-its-kind product helps special education students read Internet content using interactive tools proven to enhance successful learning in a Web-based environment. WYNN 5.0 doesn't merely superimpose "floating" tool bars; it fully integrates all the support of our award winning tools into the Internet, creating a clean and uncluttered page which enables a student to more successfully manipulate reading materials.

Motivating New Features in WYNN 5.0

'Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.' W.B. Yeats

Web Totally Redesigned

WYNN’s Web browsing module has been completely redesigned to support the latest innovations in Web pages. Students doing research need to have access to a multitude of cutting-edge Web sites. WYNN’s new Web browsing module gives that access, with more features than ever before! Below are some of the new features.

  • Highlight Web pages – WYNN is the first literacy software program to provide highlighting of text on a Web page. As a user reads a Web page, they can select various highlighter colors available in WYNN to mark key topics and ideas. This makes finding and retaining information easier.
  • Extract highlighted text from Web page – Students can extract the highlighted text and transfer it to a separate WYNN document with one click of the mouse. The student then has all the information he needs, and only that information, in one easy-to-access document.
  • Extract selected text, or all text on a Web page – In addition to extracting highlighted text, users can extract any text selected with the mouse or all text on a Web page. WYNN copies all the text the user has selected on a Web page, opens a WYNN document, and pastes the text into the WYNN document. This is all done in one easy click of a mouse button.
  • More WebMasking options – WYNN’s patented WebMasking feature can now mask by line, sentence, or paragraph.
  • More Web spotlighting options – WYNN’s Web spotlight can now track by word, line, sentence, or paragraph.
  • Updated Web toolbar – The new toolbar includes a Dictionary, Highlight, and Extract button; all buttons are in one toolbar.
    Web Toolbar
  • Favorites and History on left sidebar for easier navigation – Users can store their favorite Web pages and view their history in WYNN’s easy-to-find left NavBar. This retains the look and feel of standard Web browsers.
  • Compatible with WebCT and other educational courseware systems and portals - The ability to integrate with WebCT-enabled school sites allows students and teachers to utilize WYNN 's many features with their Web site courses. Better teaching, better learning!
  • Compatible with Flash and Java Applets – WYNN works seamlessly with the latest Web-based application technologies, including Flash and Java Applets.
  • Reads Internet e-mail – Users will enjoy using WYNN to read their e-mail. WYNN now reads the contents of Internet e-mail messages.
  • Talking online forms completion – With one click of  a button, WYNN assists users in completing online forms by speaking the content of the form.
  • Easy PDF reading – Direct, one-click conversion of PDF Web pages to WYNN.
  • Customize how many Web documents can be open – Eliminates confusion. Teachers can specify how many pages a students can open while using the Internet.
  • Pop-up blocker built in – WYNN blocks annoying pop-up advertisements while the user is viewing Web pages. Users can focus on the information they want to read without distractions.

Easier File Navigation

An image showing the new WYNN user interface and the NavBar.

WYNN 5.0 uses an innovative left side navigation bar for navigating among open files. This “NavBar” makes switching from one document to another exceptionally easy.

  • The NavBar shows all open documents
  • Single click to switch to any open document--no menus needed
  • Document types are grouped together for easier reference
  • Right-click to read the document name
  • Right-click to close any open document, including Web pages, WYNN pages, or others.

Speech Updated

WYNN 5.0 contains a completely redesigned speech interface, enhancing speech compatibility.

  • Completely updated speech system
  • Support for all SAPI 5-compliant synthesizers; more human-sounding speech
  • Maintains SAPI 4 support

Printing Enhancements

WYNN 5.0 has enhanced the number of printing options.

  • More printing options for Exact View
  • Users can include or exclude highlighting and other mark-ups from the current print job

Want more information about WYNN 5.0?

To receive a free PowerPoint presentation of Using WYNN 5, contact us and we will e-mail it to you.

Please stop by Booth 3619 at NECC in San Diego, California, from July 5 - July 7, 2006, to learn more about WYNN 5.0.

Join the session, Eliminating Readers and Scribes for Assessment through Technology to discover how two districts have met their goal of fostering student independence by providing assessments via the computer.

VOTE- VOTE- VOTE for 2006 eSN Readers' Choice Awards

WYNN has been nominated in the following categories:

  • Reading Comprehension Younger Readers
  • Reading Comprehension Older Readers
  • English as a Second Language Younger Readers
  • English as a Second Language Older Readers

Voting will take place in June for Reading Curriculum Software

In June, please go to for more information.

Take a look at our Go-to Meeting option!

Meet Now.  Click here to learn more about our WYNN training.Do you and your colleagues want to start using WYNN this fall? Do you have basic knowledge of WYNN but would like some training on a specific aspect of the program? A Go-toMeeting training session will allow you to "hit the ground running" when your students arrive for the new school year. Let us schedule a training session to meet your needs. If you are interested in a Go-to-Meeting, please contact us. Don't miss this opportunity!

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