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WYNNing Word

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Freedom Scientific LSG Presents
The WYNNing Word
October 2006

Image of two girls talking

Freedom Scientific Learning Systems Group Presents

WYNN 5.1

You spoke...
we listened!


We introduced WYNN 5.0™ in May 2006. The reaction was wonderful! You were all so excited about the innovations to our award winning software, especially the advancements in the delivery of Web-based content.

Elaine Huot, M.Ed., Success Stream Learning, Educational Consultant and Language Specialist said, "Using WYNN 5.0, students can now broaden their resource base to better use material from the Web. Using the WebMasking tool and other study supports, my students access a broad range of material that is presented to them in a way that assists them to focus and comprehend better."

As always, users' feedback is critical to our thinking, planning, and development. We spoke with teachers and students using WYNN 5.0.

We wanted to hear what you had to say about the new version of our software. What do you especially like? What do you see as ways to improve our tools to help struggling readers?

Elaine Huot's comments were representative of many. "My students are no longer limited to using only their text books. WYNN's Web access provides a wealth of materials without the need to scan. They can now see and hear wonderful new material that is not limited to their present reading level. I love the ability to extract materials from the Web with just a click of the mouse."

"However, If you are asking me for my wish list, I would like to be able to "hear" Web hyperlinks without having to activate them. The voices in WYNN have been continually improving, but I would love the voices to be even more natural sounding."

We listened and went right back to work to bring you WYNN 5.1™

Image of the word New exploding from the page

WYNN 5.1 New Features

Realizing how important Web access is to our users, we have added more features to our web browser that further enhance every student's ability to read and comprehend information presented on Web sites.

  • Read Hyperlinks without activating them – Hover over a hyperlink on a Web site and after a short delay, WYNN reads the link.
  • Auto-Complete Web addresses in the Address Bar – WYNN now keeps track of which Web sites you visit, and it automatically completes those addresses when you begin typing in the Web Address Bar.
  • Find text on Web pages – The Find feature on Web pages now uses WYNN's Find functionality, which gives users more control over how to treat the found text.

Gold star
Additionally, we heard how important the new textbook accessibility standards are becoming, so we added support for these standards.

DAISY is the international digital talking book standard that provides the capability to distribute books digitally.

NIMAS is a national standard by which publishers are required to provide textbook files.

  • DAISY books and NIMAS-conformant documents are now supported within WYNN.
  • The files appear in Text View, where you can then use all of WYNN's visual tailoring and study features.

Gold star
We were able to address the request for more natural voices in more languages.

  • RealSpeak™ Solo provides more human-sounding voices in eight languages,
    including US English, British English, Australian English, Spanish, French Canadian, and others.
  • ETI-Eloquence™ provides crisp, clear synthesized voices in 10 Western European languages.
Gold star

As homophones can confuse struggling readers, we have further enhanced this feature to give readers a better understanding of homophones in the context of reading material.

Image of WYNN's Homophones dialog

  • Read Sentence – A new "Read Sentence" button appears in the Homophones dialog.
    Select Read Sentence to hear the flagged homophone within the context of the sentence it appears in.
  • Skip All – The new "Skip All" button skips all further instances of a given homophone in the document.

Image of WYNN's opening splash screen

Want to Know More?

We have highlighted just a few new features in WYNN 5.1.

If you would like more information, please open the attachment, What's New in WYNN 5.1.

You may also want to read WYNN 5.1 Helps Students Meet NCLB Requirements.

Like to hear the new voices? Order a WYNN 5.1 Demo CD.
E-mail Loni Atton or call 800-444-4443 x1032.

Also take a look at our Go-to Meeting option!

GoToMeeting session logoIf you would like to see a live presentation of the new features in WYNN 5.0 and 5.1, let us arrange a GoToMeeting session for you.

All that's required is a high-speed Internet connection and a phone line for the audio. If you are interested in a Go-to-Meeting, go to Freedom Scientific, Learning Systems Group for further information. Don't miss this opportunity!

Image of the NewsCurrents logo

Back by Popular Demand!

Free Subscription to Award-Winning Online
Curriculum for WYNN Supporters!

To receive your free subscription:

  1. Go to NewsCurrents.
  2. Check NewsCurrents One on One.
  3. Complete your contact information.
  4. In the Promotional Code box, enter your WYNN serial number.
    The serial number can be found on the outside of the box or on the CD sleeve.
    It can also be found on the WYNN program CD by selecting the WYNN Help menu and then selecting About WYNN.
  5. If you have any questions, please call 1-888-223-3344 extension 1.

For more information about NewsCurrents, please read the January 2006 issue of WYNNing Word.

Tip of the Month:

If you already have WYNN 5.0 and would like to upgrade to WYNN 5.1, you may download our free updater at Freedom

Image of an eye Keep an Eye on the News

California and Florida don't forget to check out monies available from Microsoft. As of press time, eSchool News quoted California's Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jack O'Connell as saying that while the exact dollar amount has not yet been processed, on the average, schools should expect between $98 and $159 per pupil. (See for more information.)

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