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Freedom Scientific Learning Systems Group Presents
The WYNNing Word
April-May 2007

A Beautiful Word in Jason Maitland's Vocabulary

Flatbed scanner

Jason Maitland is part of a successful marriage of student materials and scanning with WYNN.  Jason is an Education Technology Specialist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Jason's district, Calgary Roman Catholic Separate School District No.1 (CSSD), uses Desire 2 Learn as an online content provider.  D2L allows schools to build a learning repository to effectively manage and share content across institutions, programs, and courses. When WYNN 5 came out, Jason tested out the capabilities of D2L and WYNN to work together.  He was pleased to find that they could work smoothly to provide reading materials to his learning disabled (LD) student population in a format that would enhance the students' comprehension of these materials."

Calgary Roman Catholic Separate School District Number 1 logo"All I can say is WOW,"  exclaimed Jason.  "The power of this collaboration is fantastic!"

CSSD has been successfully using WYNN for five years. Teachers and students alike love the tools that WYNN provides to enhance learning for the special needs students. The tools, coupled with their ease of use, made the software a real WYNNer for all. Once Jason unleashed the power of digitized books, everyone was even more impressed with WYNN!

Jason explained that students had been scanning simple materials, and the teachers some of the more complex materials.  When they observed how great the improvement was in the success rate of student reading, Jason realized that he really needed to find a faster way of getting books scanned.

"We are digitizing books as fast as we can and putting them in WYNN format, " says Jason. "We currently have 325 novels and 15 textbooks scanned and edited."

Now how do these materials get into the hands of the students?  Adhering to the copyright laws of Canada, Jason worked with Desire 2 Learn to create a Learning Object Repository.

"It was a natural extension to start putting our digital repository of text into the LOR," explained Jason. "Once the repository was established, students were given access to the books.  They can click on the link to the book and it opens directly into WYNN." 

Classroom with students using computers

Six hundred LD students now have access to all of the titles with one click of a mouse!  And it automatically opens in their reading preferences! 

"I can't stop smiling!" exclaims Jason.

Jason is very proud of the fact that the district publishes a catalog each month that updates the books that have been scanned, edited, and ready for use. If teachers don't find what they need in the catalog, they can submit a request for new materials.  Once approved, the materials will be scanned and saved in the WYNN format into the repository." The district has 100 more books that are being processed in response to such teacher requests.  The teachers are thrilled that there is such a variety of materials for their LD students.  They feel they can find the appropriate materials for their students online right in their own Learning Repository!

Many of you are probably curious about how all this scanning and editing is being accomplished. Jason, a paid employee, and some volunteers use a Fujitsu fi-4340C high-speed scanner.  This scanner scans and processes a large number of pages very quickly (see Tip of the Month).  The district has just hired another part-time employee to help with the editing.  CSSD feels they are well on the way to creating and maintaining a wonderful educational resource for their LD students.

To make sure copyright laws are not violated, each eligible student is given a password that allows entry into the teacher's coursework and access to the assigned material.  The materials are never downloaded.  They are accessed via a link on the D2L site, which has a huge storage space for online materials.  For the youngest students, materials are scanned and stored on thumb drives to be given only to the appropriate students.  Materials only go to those who have the right given to them by the copyright law.  The district uses D2L and the thumb drives as opposed to a networked environment specifically to avoid anyone being able to access materials for which they do not qualify. Return to story.

Gold starCongratulations to The Calgary Roman Catholic Separate School District No.1 for working together to achieve their goal of providing a quality education to all of their students!

Student using a scanner
For WYNN Scanning Information:
For the most up-to-date list of compatible scanners, please visit our Freedom Scientific Web site.

Tips for scanning may also be found on our Web site in the Scanner Assistance.

If you have WYNN, go to the Online Help on your WYNN CD for basic scanning information. Go to the Help menu and  click WYNN Help.  Click Scanning to find our tips.

You will also find scanning tips and an exercise guide in our WYNN manual

If you would like our free Scanning PowerPoint presentation,  please email WYNNing Word.

Image of an eye Keep an Eye on the News!

USA Copyright laws for Special Needs Students
Read about the Chaffee Amendment on

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
More detailed information about copyright laws in the USA

Watch for WYNN 5.1 Training Module CD This multimedia training program is a self-guided training tool that enables users to successfully use WYNN. The WYNN training module can be used to introduce new users to WYNN or as a refresher for more experienced WYNN users. To get the WYNN Training Module CD for $25 US plus shipping, please contact Loni Atton at 800-444-4443 Ext. 1032.

Tip of the Month:

Scanning the CSSD Way:

  • Use a high speed scanner such as the Fujitsu fi-4340C
  • Instead of using WYNN to initiate the scanning, use Adobe Acrobat Pro*
  • Print the open .pdf file to the Freedom Import Printer (this sends the file to WYNN)
  • Edit as needed using WYNN's Document Clean-Up tool
  • Save the edited file as a .wyn document

* It's a good idea to save the .pdf file in Acrobat, too


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