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Freedom Scientific Learning Systems Group Presents
The WYNNing Word
September 2008

Animated school bus with flashing lights

Welcome Back!

Allison Meyer on fishing trip holding a fish“WYNN is a tool that not only opens up doors, it allows you to go charging through them!”

So exclaims Allison Meyer, who recently graduated from the University of Missouri, where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry and Sustainable Resources.

This would be quite a feat for any student, but in Allison's case, it was exceptional. You see, Allison is learning disabled. She is dyslexic. Her parents worked for the U.S. State Department, so Allison attended many different schools all around the world. She began her schooling in India, where the educators thought she may be struggling with reading due to her being young for her grade level. They recommended she repeat 1st grade. Her reading did not improve. Allison's mom Janet, a math teacher at the time, noticed that her daughter had difficulties similar to two of her students who were learning disabled. Allison was tested. She did have a learning disability. That summer, her family returned to the U.S., where Allison was formally tested. It was determined that she was dyslexic with extreme difficulties in decoding. Therefore, typical strategies for teaching reading, whole word, or phonetics were ineffective with Allison.

“Allison was so bright, so hungry to learn, but the knowledge was trapped in the written word,” explains Janet. Allison's inability to decode was a barrier to comprehension that all people with dyslexia experience.

Allison's school experiences varied because the family continued to move every two to three years. With each new school, Janet would champion her daughter. She worked with the school administrators to ensure Allison was placed correctly and that she received appropriate resource assistance. During the summers, Allison participated in special programs while home in the States to help her address her reading difficulties. Janet knew that despite her learning problems, Allison loved school.

“I told Allison that she learned in a different way and that there was nothing she could not achieve; she just might have to work a little harder,” Janet says. According to Allison, science, math, and art are her favorites, with everything else being a close second.

Throughout her academic career, Allison took on a full load, including some honors and advanced classes, extracurricular activities, reading programs, and more. While she was successful in her classes, the toughest obstacle Allison had to overcome was the amount of time it took her to get her schoolwork done. Time management was a huge challenge, especially in college.

Why Did Allison Succeed?

Attitude helped, “In spite of the support I normally get from people, I try not to tell anyone that I have a learning disability, or at least not until after I have proven that my disability is not a handicap.”

This philosophy guided Allison and Janet to search out programs that would help Allison achieve her goals. They tried many different programs such as the Lindamood-Bell Reading Program and the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program. While these programs did help, it wasn't until Janet found WYNN that they knew they had truly found the literacy tool that Allison needed.

Soon Allison was completing her assignments faster and on her own. It was no longer necessary for someone to read to her. WYNN helped Allison do that in her chosen timeframe. WYNN enabled Allison to become an efficient and independent learner.

“WYNN gave me my independence. It decreased the amount of time it took me to read and write and really allowed me, for the first time, to do it all on my own,” explains Allison.

Allison credits WYNN with one of her most successful accomplishments in high school. She completed the International Baccalaureate Higher Level Biology Curriculum during 10th and 11th grades, a task that is usually not even attempted until 11th and 12th grades!

When it was time for Allison to go to college, Janet said they were lucky in their search. They found the University of Missouri which had a wonderful Office of Disability Services (ODS). The department was technologically advanced, especially when it came to providing literacy software for LD students. This was a major consideration when choosing this university. Allison said that the people in the ODS were one of the main reasons she was able to be successful in college. They not only had WYNN, but they scanned all of Allison's textbooks for her!

This student cannot say enough about WYNN's ability to manage her workload. Allison says that while enrolled in 18 credit-hour semesters, having two jobs, and still trying to have a life, she didn't want to waste precious time dealing with information she didn't need.

“WYNN makes it easy and fast to transform written information from textbooks into a readable digital form via its scanning tools,” Allison continues, “WYNN lets me digest that information quickly. The highlighting tools help me to organize the pertinent material.”

What's Next?

So what is Allison doing now that she has graduated? Well, as her family says, she never ceases to amaze them. She is currently working as a summer intern for Metafore, an environmental non-profit. She is very proud to say that she will be editing Metafore materials, and, yes, she will be using WYNN!

Allison leaning against a tree in a parkHer plans for the future include graduate school and getting involved in sustainable development, which gives developing countries the tools they need to improve their standard of living. This does not surprise her mom who says that Allison grew up in third-world countries and truly has learned the need to improve the life of the poor through environmental progress.

What an admirable ambition! Allison, we all wish you well in attaining your goals, not only for your future, but for the world's as well.

Words of Advice from Mom

Janet wants our readers to know that parents must champion their LD child's situation. She says they need to get "in the bucket" and be prepared to negotiate with their child's school. Researching programs and knowing what technologies will enhance their child's learning style is paramount to the child's success.

“Allison never would have made it through without the support of WYNN,” Janet further explains. “WYNN gave Alli the freedom to become efficient at reading, therefore giving her the time to open her world and become a whole person.”

We here at WYNNing Word were very impressed with Allison's accomplishments, but we were also very taken with Janet. As Allison says, “She has been my biggest supporter, advocate, champion, and my ultimate rock.” Together these two ladies are an inspiration to all of us.

We want to leave you with one more quote from Allison and Janet.

“Celebrate your pockets of strengths!”

Isn't that a wonderfully positive adage for all of us to live by?

Tip of the Month - Bright idea balloonTip of the Month

You probably know that WYNN's highlighted text can be exported into another document. You may like to know that this is also possible with our Text Notes.

Note: You must be using WYNN Wizard.

To extract:

  1. Create your Text Notes using the button on the Pink toolbar.
  2. Choose File menu and then Print.
  3. Choose Text Notes Only from the Print Range group.
  4. Select Freedom Import Printer from the Printer Name combo box.
    This will extract the Text Notes and place them into a new WYNN document.

WYNN Print dialog box

To send to another application:

After extracting the Text Notes to a new WYNN document, you can export the Text Notes into another application. Here are three ways to accomplish that task.

First method:

  1. Copy and paste the Text Notes into another application.

Second method:

  1. Export the new WYNN document directly to Word by choosing the Advanced menu, and then Word. The Text Notes will automatically open in Word.

Highlighted Word command under the Advanced menu

Third method:

  1. Choose the Save As button on the Blue toolbar to save the new WYNN document as a .doc or .txt file.
  2. Next, change Save as type to Word or any other available format. The file can now open in another application.

WYNN Save As dialog box

Image of an eye Keep an Eye on the News

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Spinning CD-ROMThe tutorial topics include:

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  • Outlines
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The price is $35.

For more details, please read the press release about our new informative training video.

If would like to order the CD, please contact:
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