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"WYNN levels the playing field for my struggling students." - Ms. Sherry Keenan, Resource Room Teacher, WashingtonResources: Customer Profiles and Successful Strategies

Many of our customers enjoy sharing their successes. They have generously shared how WYNN have made a significant difference in their learning. Whether the story originates from an adult, student, or teacher, they all convey the same messagesuccess!

Tenacity and enthusiasm have enabled Gerard Montigny to overcome obstacles and achieve success. At the age of 26, Gerard was diagnosed
with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Learning Disabilities. Gerard then began using WYNN to help him with reading and writing. "WYNN provided me with the opportunity for a fresh start.”

Ms. Gayle Rosenberg, a Board Certified Educational Therapist at Serra High School, used specific strategies to incorporate WYNN in her college-prep classroom. “My students found WYNN easy to use and loved it.”

WYNN helped achieve success with grade-level curriculum for Ms. Sherry Keenan, a Resource Room Teacher, and her students. “WYNN levels the playing field for my struggling students” summarized Ms. Keenan.

Discover how Ms. Elizabeth Flanders, a Special Education teacher in Washington, uses WYNN in her classroom. Ms. Flanders believes that WYNN “opened up the world for my students.”

Ms. Sherry Keenan was featured in The Sun’s article, “Upgrading Education.” Read how she used a grant to add high tech educational software, including WYNN, to her classroom full of eager students.

Kelly Weetman, a 40 year old man from Pennsylvania, expressed his joy over the changes in his life since he began using WYNN. “I really liked how straightforward WYNN is, and how I am able to tailor the program to my individual reading and writing level. At one point, after using the program for just 7 hours, I began to cry. Suddenly, I realized that the handicap I have been hiding for over 25 years is under my control and command. I cannot thank WYNN enough."

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