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Read what people are saying about WYNN and TestTalker:

"I have to say that I am a huge fan of WYNN. WYNN has broken down thousands of walls for me. I am confident that I could go on to grad school now and study Art History or Art Education."

Samuel Mirkovich, Washington

"I've taught for a long time and seen a lot of products. TestTalker changes the teacher’s perspective. It frees up time and helps students succeed. As long as I’m here, it will be here."

Mrs. Molly Sequeira, Learning Support Teacher, North Carolina

"Our students use WYNN to read novels, to search the Internet, to do history assignments, to learn vocabulary words, for writing assignments and proofreading. The kids love it because it gives them confidence and allows them to learn independently."

Frances Rash, High School Computer Facilitator, South Carolina

"Nothing I could say would truly encompass the difference that WYNN has made in my life. It’s made me believe in myself."

Joanne Helen Kinnane, Australia

"Many students with learning or reading disabilities don't come to see us until they are in academic trouble. Learning complex software when they are already struggling doesn't make sense. With as little as 15-minutes of training most students are able to use WYNN successfully to access their coursework. "Cool," and "Wow" are common reactions to WYNN's study tools, and students often comment that they wished they had had this technology in high school. WYNN's simplicity and short learning curve are a great introduction to using assistive technology for their reading and studying."

Nick Baker, Assistive Technology Coordinator, The University of Montana

"I think it is amazing what technology can do… WYNN helps people with disabilities succeed on their own in the real world.”

—Carson Smith, High School Student, Washington

"My students found WYNN easy to use and loved it.”

—Ms. Gayle Rosenberg, Serra High School, California

"Today’s students have grown up with technology and expect instant results. Since WYNN has a bi-modal approach to reading, it appeals to both visual and auditory learners.”

—Ms. Gayle Rosenberg, Serra High School, California

"Students like the control over how WYNN looks and talks. WYNN allows them to complete the same amount of work that their peers complete within similar timelines.”

—Cindi Dudley, Occupational Therapist and
District Assistive Technology Coordinator, Washington

"WYNN helps level the playing field for my struggling students.”

—Ms. Sherry Keenan, Resource Room Teacher, Washington

"WYNN is the key that unlocked the door for my students.”

—Ms. Elizabeth Flanders, Special Educator Teacher, Washington

"WYNN has given me the opportunity to do things I never thought I’d be able to do.”

—Kelly Weetman, Adult, Pennsylvania

"… when I read with WYNN, I really understand and remember. Now I love reading."

—Matt, a 6th grader, has been using WYNN for two years

"WYNN makes it easy to write, and allows me to multi-task. It makes me far more productive."

—Aaron, 26, senior at San Jose State University

"There are three ways WYNN helps my students. It helps them: complete their tasks faster, helps with grades, and it helps with their self-esteem. WYNN is a revolutionary product."

—Bina Varughese, Coordinator of Educational Services

"I like the simplicity of the product. It's very straightforward and very easy to use. With WYNN, you can focus on the student's strength while supporting their area of need.”

—Rick Goldman, Educational Consultant

"The WYNN program makes me excited about learning …now I can do most of the reading myself and don’t have to depend on any one else. "

—Jaclyn Stueve, College Student, Ohio

"WYNN was exceptionally well received...everyone is so pleased with the program. It does everything you say it will and is so easy to use!"

Rosemary Bogart, Occupational Therapist and Team Leaner, Boulder Valley School District

"My favorite feature of WYNN 3.5 is the Virtual Printer. I use it for importing various documents, such as PDF files and Web pages. It saves me a lot of time and retains the formatting of the document."

Gerard Montigny, ADHD Canada

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