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WYNN Tip: Using Broadcast Documents and Broadcast Settings

To Broadcast Documents or Broadcast Settings to all users on the system, you must log in as "Shared."
Two additional options will become available on your Advanced menu that are not present when logged in as any other user: “Broadcast Settings” and “Broadcast Documents.”

To Broadcast Documents:

1. Create, open or scan a document you want to make available to all users on the system.

2. Save the document with a descriptive name.

3. Close the document.

4. From the Advanced menu, choose Broadcast Document. Select the document you want to broadcast from the list of files.

5. When the user logs in and clicks the Open button from the Blue Tool Bar, the file will show up in the list of files.

To Broadcast Settings:

1. Create the settings you want to make available to all users on a system.
Examples of Settings you may wish to broadcast are a customized tool bar, your home page as the default home page when using the Internet, or the pronunciation dictionary.

2. From the Settings Menu, Save the Settings with a descriptive name.*

3. From the Advanced Menu, choose Broadcast Settings.

4. Double click on the setting you wish to broadcast to all users.

5. When the user logs in, the settings will be able to be retrieved from the Settings menu.

*Note: If you have are saving a Custom Tool Bar that you want the user to be able to retrieve when needed, you must choose the “More” button from the Save Settings dialog box, then choose Custom Tool Bar from the list.


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