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WYNN Tip: Bringing WYNN Documents into Word, and Word Documents into WYNN

Use WYNN to write your document so that you can hear what you’re typing, see the text displayed as you prefer, and use Word Prediction if you wish.

When you have completed your document, you may wish to bring it into Word for access to more advanced word processing functions, or to print it out using Word’s default settings.*

To bring a WYNN document into Word:

  1. Click on the Advanced menu.
  2. Click on Word

Please note that any special WYNN attributes, such as highlighted text, bookmarks, voice note icons, and text note icons, will not be converted to the Word document.

To Open Word documents in WYNN:

  1. Click the Open button on the Blue tool bar
  2. Browse to the directory where the document is saved
  3. Change “Files of Type” to Word (.doc)
  4. Type in the file name or select the document from the list.

Some Word files contain formatting that WYNN cannot handle. You will be prompted to open these files using the Freedom Import Printer, which is only available with WYNN Wizard.

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