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TestTalker Tip: Dynamic Zoning in TestTalker

You can change the reading order on any TestTalker file using Dynamic Zoning. This allows you to define your own zones (reading areas) on the page, in the unusual case where TestTalker doesn't recognize the reading order correctly the first time. Using Dynamic Zoning, you can define any area you want TestTalker to read, in the order you want it spoken. Dynamic Zoning can also be used to tell TestTalker to ignore graphics on the page, or to exclude the speaking of headers and footers or other unwanted text.

** Each of the following steps is done by first going to the Tools menu, then Dynamic Zoning.

  1. Select Enable Dynamic Zoning. This shows you the existing zones (reading order) on the current page in blue.
  2. Select Re-define Zones on Current Page. This removes the current zone indicators so that you can redraw the zones in the correct order.
  3. Use your mouse to draw a box around each block of text you wish to have spoken. The reading order is determined by the order in which you define the zones, so that the first box you define will be spoken first. Do not draw zones around pictures or other graphic images that can't be spoken.
  4. Hit the Page Down key if you want to change the zones on the next page. You will see existing zones in blue for that page. Follow the steps above to re-zone the reading order for that page. Repeat this process for each page you wish to re-zone.
  5. When you are done defining new zones on all pages that apply, select Re-recognize Document. This tells TestTalker to re-recognize the document using the newly defined zones, in the order in which they were created.
  6. Check the reading order to be sure the text is being presented in the correct order.

Note: You must use Dynamic Zoning PRIOR to inserting any answer controls. When you choose to re-recognize the document, any existing answer controls will be lost.


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