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TestTalker Tip: Inserting Answer Controls

The heart of TestTalker Teacher Edition is the ability to add answer blanks to a scanned test or form. You can insert answer blanks for True/False, Multiple Choice, Fill-in and Extended Answer formats. When finished inserting one type of control, click the button again to exit that control mode. When a control is selected, the button will appear pressed-in.

Image of a Fill-in Plus answer blank Fill-in Plus

Fill-in Plus allows you to insert answer blanks depending on the size of the answer. Fill-in, 3-line Extended Answer and 8-line Extended Answer blanks are options.

TestTalker may automatically insert a Fill-in answer blank where it recognizes an underline in a document. Note: A Fill-in answer blank may be inserted for students to type in their name if desired.

Image of a Multiple Choice answer blank Multiple Choice

Multiple choice question buttons may be grouped or not. Grouping multiple-choice answer buttons means that only one answer may be selected by the student in a group of answers. TestTalker will automatically group sets of 4 answer buttons if Auto-Group 4 is selected. Select Manual if no grouping is desired or if there are more or less then 4 answers from which to choose. Not grouping answer buttons allows the student to select more then one answer in a group of answers. If grouping more or less then 4 answers is desired, choose the Manual option from the Multiple Choice drop down options, then use the Group Buttons option from the Tools menu. Multiple Choice answer buttons also may be aligned by using the Align Answer Blanks function on the Tools menu.

Image of a True False answer blank True/False

True/False answer buttons are used in groups of two, one for true, one for false. The student may only select one answer button. Use the mouse to position the cursor where you want the answer blank or button to appear in the document.

Remember to Press the “Student” button when you are finished inserting the answer controls so you can test out your test as your students will use it.


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