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TestTalker Tip: TestTalker Step-by-Step

Steps the teacher follows

  1. Open TestTalker.
  2. Scan, import or download a test, form or worksheet into TestTalker.
  3. Check the reading order. Use Dynamic Zoning to re-define OCR zones to change the reading order if desired. It is important that this be completed prior to steps 4 and 5, or changes made during those steps will be lost when TestTalker’s OCR software re-recognizes the document. (See Dynamic Zoning Tips)
  4. Clean up any errors in scanning using Clean-Up.
  5. Insert answer blanks for Fill-in, Extended Answer, Multiple Choice, and True/False.
  6. Try out the test, form or worksheet, as a student would, using Student Mode.
  7. Erase answers put in by teacher (may print first to use as an answer key).
  8. Save material to disk or other place where student has access.

Steps the student follows

  1. Opens the document in TestTalker Student Edition
  2. Inserts answers into answer fields.
  3. Saves materials if desired.

Teacher or student prints material that the teacher grades.


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