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TestTalker Tip: Tips for Test-Taking Strategies

In today's classrooms, every teacher is quite familiar with the challenge of how to prepare students for standardized testing.

Unfortunately, assessment and high stakes testing will present insurmountable obstacles to LD students due to productivity difficulties. These students may well have mastered the targeted material, but are unable to demonstrate that mastery via the traditional channels of writing or speaking because of their significant difficulty planning and monitoring their learning.

The following tips focus on strategies you can practice with your students to help them master standardized tests.

  • Question Formats in High-Stakes Tests
    Familiarize students with many different question formats. Integrate multiple choice, true/ false, and fill in the blanks into the tests and quizzes you administer to your students. When they are faced with these formats on standardized tests, they already will be more comfortable with them.

  • Practice for High Stakes Tests
    Help students learn from their mistakes. When practicing for standardized tests with your students, be sure to review not only the right answers to questions, but also the wrong answers. Explain or discuss why each incorrect answer is wrong.

  • Vocabulary for High Stakes Tests
    Write one new vocabulary word on the board each week to help build critical vocabulary skills. Explain the word's meaning and usage, and try to use it throughout the week. Motivate students to integrate the new vocabulary into their repertoire by giving a bonus point to any student who correctly uses the word throughout the week, or by turning the word into an extra credit question on tests or quizzes.

  • Pacing for High Stakes Tests
    Emphasize the importance of pacing and time management during standardized tests. Students should first answer the questions that are easy for them. If they have extra time at the end, they should check to make sure they have answered every question, and reread/proofread.


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