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TestTalker Tip: Creating a Word Bank on a TestTalker
Worksheet or Test

There may be times when you wish to provide your students with a word bank, or list of responses from which to choose, in order to complete an answer field on a test or a worksheet. To create this option, you must be in TestTalker Teacher Edition. Using TestTalker Student Edition, the student can then copy words from the list to paste into an answer field or type the word into the answer field.

Creating the Word Bank (in Teacher Edition)

  1. Click the Fill-in + button and select Fill-in, 3-Line Extended, or 8-Line Extended depending on the amount of text you wish to make available, and the layout of the worksheet or test.
  2. Situate the answer box (es) in a logical location. For example, for a list of vocabulary words, you may want to place a single box at the top of the page. For options related to a particular question (as in the Verb Tenses example below), you may choose to place the options directly next to the questions.
  3. Click the Student button to insert the word choices in the answer fields you have created.
  4. Click the Teacher button, then save the worksheet or test in the directory from which your student will open it in TestTalker Student Edition.

Completing the answer fields (in Student Edition)

  1. Open the file.
  2. Double-click the word you'd like to select from the word bank.
  3. Click the Copy button.
  4. Place your mouse pointer where you wish to insert the answer.
  5. Click the Paste button.


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