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WYNN Tip: Customizing the Visual and Auditory Presentation of Text

Image of WYNN's Custom Studying Tool bar

Customization of auditory and visual preferences provides a successful platform for differentiated learning. WYNN’s interface provides an extremely easy way to modify these preferences.  The green toolbar has buttons to adjust many aspects of visual and auditory presentation.

Visual Presentation

Users can adjust visual settings to address visual processing difficulties, such as scotopic sensitivity, visual tracking, or simply to customize text for individual visual preferences. You can adjust:

  • Size
  • Line Spacing
  • Word Spacing
  • Margins
  • Background Color

To adjust settings for any of these items to each user's preferences and needs, click the corresponding button to rotate through the options.

WYNN contains a unique feature to help optimize the visual presentation of text.  It is called Masking.  This button grays back everything on the page except the area where you are reading.  You can set WYNN to mask out all but the current Line, Sentence, or Paragraph. To turn on Masking, you must be in Read-only mode (using the Read-only/Write button toggle).

Read-only/Write button toggle

Then you can click the Masking button to rotate through the Masking options.

Masking button

Auditory Presentation

You can adjust auditory settings to address auditory processing difficulties or for individual listening preferences. You can adjust:

  • Self-paced Reading
  • Speech Rate
  • Pause Between Sentences

To adjust the speech settings for Self-paced reading, Speech Rate, and the amount of Pause between sentences, click the corresponding button to rotate through the options.

To switch reading voices, go to the Speech Settings menu. You can select different voices in the Name field in the Reading Voice Settings. You can switch among several languages using the Language field.

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