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WYNN Tip: Reading DAISY Files in WYNN

There are three parts to reading a DAISY book: Downloading and saving the book to your computer, opening the book, and reading the book. You can download and open DAISY books from and Project Gutenberg using WYNN’s built-in Book Search feature.

There are several types of DAISY books. Some have all audio and no text, some have all text and no audio, while others have some of each. For DAISY files with text, WYNN displays the text in Text View. For audio DAISY files, WYNN reads the audio while displaying the file name in Text View.

Note: To read DAISY files, you must have WYNN version 5 or later.

Downloading and Saving Bookshare or Gutenberg Books to Your Computer

You must be a member to download copyrighted books on their site (books not in copyright can be downloaded by anyone). Information about membership can be found at on the Membership Overview page.

To download copyrighted Bookshare materials:

  1. Press the Book Search button on the blue toolbar.

    Book Search button

  2. Enter the title or author of the book.
  3. Make sure “Login to” is checked.
  4. Make sure is checked in Sites to Search, then press Begin Search.
  5. Bookshare will prompt you to log in. Enter your username and password, then press OK.
  6. WYNN will display a list of books found. Select the book you want by checking it, then select the Download button.
  7. When then book is downloaded, WYNN will ask if you want to open it for reading now.
  8. Whether you open it now or not, WYNN will automatically save the book in the Books folder in your user log-in Docs folder.

To download materials from Gutenberg, follow the same steps, but there is no need to log in, as Gutenberg books are all in the public domain.

Downloading and Saving Other DAISY Books to Your Computer

To obtain DAISY books from other organizations, you must usually be a member of the organization and have download permissions. To use these DAISY books with WYNN, you must first download the books from the organization's Web site to your computer. You can use WYNN's built-in Web browser to do this. Sometimes the DAISY books are compressed or password protected. If so, you need to expand them or provide your membership password to get the books ready to open and read. You will end up with a DAISY book file set, usually contained in a folder with the name of the book. WYNN will automatically save the files in the Books folder in your user log-in Docs folder.

Opening the Book in WYNN

Once you have downloaded and saved a DAISY book to your computer, you can open it and read it in WYNN.

  1. Choose Open from the File menu, navigate to the folder where you saved your DAISY book files, and then select either "DAISY/NIMAS (*.opf)" or "DAISY Other Files (*.xml)"from the "Files of type" list box.
  2. Next, select a book title and choose Open.

Reading the DAISY Book in WYNN

WYNN displays DAISY books in Text View, so that you can use all of WYNN's visual tailoring capabilities during reading. WYNN maintains the page breaks and page numbers. Using WYNN, you can do the following:

  1. Read the book using WYNN's Read button, found on every toolbar.
  2. Navigate to a specific page using the Go To Page button on the yellow toolbar, which opens the Go To Page dialog box, where you type in the page you want and press ENTER.
  3. Change the appearance of the book using WYNN's green toolbar buttons.
  4. Use the study tools on WYNN's pink toolbar, including the dictionary, highlighter, and notes features.
  5. If an HTML version of the book is available, you can open and display it in WYNN's Web browser. Do this by choosing Open from the File menu, and then selecting "HTML Web Files (*.html)" from the "Files of type" list box.
    Note: The HTML file will display the entire book as one large Web page.

DAISY is the international digital talking book standard, which provides the capability to distribute books digitally.  NIMAS is a national standard by which publishers are required to provide textbook files. DAISY is a continuously evolving standard. Since NIMAS is based on DAISY, it also evolves. More information about DAISY is available at the DAISY Consortium at More information about NIMAS is available at CAST, at is an online accessible digital library with some materials that are in copyright and others in the public domain. Bookshare’s copyrighted materials are only available for those with a documented print disability. More information about Bookshare is at

Project Gutenberg is a free e-book library that specializes in public domain books. Its more than 35,000 books are available for all people. It has many of the classics that are used in school reading lists. Its Web site is

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