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WYNN Tip: Working with Internet Text in WYNN

You can read directly from the Internet with WYNN. You can also bring text from the Internet into a WYNN document to save and use with WYNN's study tools.

1. From the blue toolbar in WYNN, click the "Go to Web" button.

2. Use the Search button to search for a topic, or type the address for a website into the address field. (Note: WYNN automatically uses Google when you use the Search button).

3. Read text directly from the Internet using one of three methods:

a. Original View: just click the Read button
b. Click the WebMask™ button to see everything grayed out except the area where you're reading
c. Click Text View to see text only, displayed in your preferred size, spacing, and background color.

4. Select and Copy text you wish to work with in WYNN:

a. Select text (dragging mouse or Select All command)
b. Copy text (Copy button or right mouse click, then Copy)
c. Open a New WYNN document or use Other Doc to switch to an already open document.
d. Paste text (right mouse click, then select Paste)

5. Save your document as a WYNN file. Remember to save new changes as you make them.

6. Use a Highlight pen to highlight key information, then the List button to create a separate document with just the highlighted text.

Refer to the "Studying" tip sheet for additional ideas of how to work with the text for better comprehension.

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