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Opening PDF and Other File Formats in WYNN Wizard

You can open PDF files directly into WYNN Wizard* for reading. WYNN Wizard will automatically perform its OCR (optical character recognition) on the file and open it.

In addition, WYNN Wizard includes a virtual printer that provides the ability to convert and open files from other applications into WYNN for reading. This virtual printer, called the Freedom Import Printer (or FIP for short), shows up on the list of printers in the Print dialog box.

You can use the Freedom Import Printer with any application on your computer by opening the file in its own application, such as Adobe Reader, Microsoft Word, Excel, or the Internet, and then “printing” to WYNN using the Freedom Import Printer.

Opening a PDF file from within WYNN

  1. Select the Open button on the blue toolbar
  2. Change the "Files of type" field to Adobe PDF Documents.
  3. Select the PDF file you want, and press Open.
  4. The file will automatically be converted to a WYNN file format.
  5. You should save the file as a .wyx file for easier retrieval later.

Converting any file using the Freedom Import Printer.

  1. From any application, including the Internet, open a file or Web page you want to send to WYNN Wizard.
  2. From the File menu, choose Print. Select Freedom Import Printer as your printer.
  3. If desired, specify the range of pages to be "printed."
  4. Click OK.
  5. The Freedom Import Printer will convert the document to a WYNN file. If WYNN is not open, the Virtual Printer will open it.
  6. You should save the file as a .wyx file for easier retrieval later.

When you use either of these methods, all the text, graphics, and formatting will be retained in the WYNN document.

* Note: The Freedom Import Printer is only available in WYNN Wizard. This function is not available in WYNN Reader.


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