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WYNN Tip: Improving Reading Comprehension Using WYNN and SQ5R

The SQ5R study method enables students to actively study textbooks. This method helps student's process, analyze and synthesize information, which in turn leads to a better comprehension and mastery of the material. This approach can be used with the tools on WYNN's Pink, Study Tools toolbar.

SURVEY - Before reading the actual chapter, read the introduction and summary (if given). Skim through the chapter paying attention to topic headings, bold-faced words, summaries, or key points. These can give you an idea of the general structure and content before you begin reading. Now, on the Pink Toolbar choose the Highlight Pen or Bookmark symbol to mark key information.

QUESTION - Set a purpose for your reading by developing questions about the material. Use the topic and heading information you gathered in the survey step to create questions to be answered. Begin asking yourself who, what, where, when, why, and how questions. Questions are most beneficial when they are general, covering main topics and important points. Now use the Voice Note or Text Note on the Pink Toolbar to ask your questions.

READ - Break the material into sections to read and re-read the material section by section. Look for answers to your questions, identify key concepts, and supporting details. Study charts, graphs, tables, and pictures. These can serve to present new information as well as tie together concepts from the reading. Listen to WYNN Read using the Read button. Use the Dictionary to look up unfamiliar vocabulary and Highlight and Bookmark key information as you read.

RESPOND - After each section, think about the material you have just read and answer the questions you have asked. This can be done at the same time as the reading step, since often a response is automatic. The main point of this step is to think about the material, and take notice of what is important. You can use either the Voice Note or Text Note to answer your questions.

RECORD - Go back and 'pull out' the main ideas. This can be done using the Highlight or Bookmark feature. Using the List Feature you can create a separate document of the isolated information. Now paraphrase and summarize the key information using Text and/or Voice Notes. (Do this after each section.)

RECITE - Next, look away from the material and try to recite the key information and ideas using the Voice Note. Paraphrase in your own words and go back and re-read until you feel comfortable with it. This may be frustrating at first, but it will lead to better understanding and save you review time in the longrun (Do this after each section).

REVIEW - After completing the entire chapter, scan back over the reading and review the information. Use the Voice Note to clarify and identify overall themes and relationships between concepts. Make any necessary revisions of your Highlights, BookMarks, Text Notes and Voice Notes so they can be easily understood when you re-visit the key information.


Thanks to "Super User" Gerard Montigny for sharing how he uses WYNN with SQ5R.

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