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WYNN Tip: Auditory Processing

For some individuals, changing the rate of speech (auditory input) aids auditory processing and comprehension.

Most changes to what and how WYNN speaks can be made in the Speech Settings dialog box.

1. Go to the Settings menu
2. Choose Speech Settings

To change the RATE of speech:

1. Slide the RATE switch to the desired rate
2. Click the TEST button before hitting “OK

Please Note: Individuals with auditory processing difficulties often need more time to process chunks of information, as opposed more time to process each individual word. Therefore, it may be more effective to add more pause between sentences, as opposed to slowing down the rate of speech.

To add extra PAUSE between sentences from the Speech Settings dialog box:

1. Click the drop down arrow under “Extra Pause after Each Sentence
2. Select the amount of pause desired
3. Click the TEST button before hitting “OK

To allow the user complete control over the flow of speech by word, sentence, or paragraph, put WYNN in “Non Continuous Read” mode.

1. Go to the Settings menu
2. Choose General Settings
3. In the Read section, click the “Non Continuous” radio button
4. Go to the “Read By” section and select the desired reading unit, then click “OK
5. When you click the “Read” button on any of the four color-coded tool bars, the speech will read the spotlighted unit then stop until the read button is clicked again.

Non Continuous Read is most helpful for students with extreme auditory processing difficulties, or for test taking. Setting the “Read By” to sentence allows the speech to stop after each spotlighted chunk so that a response can be provided.

**Remember to Save these settings as the Default if you want them to be available to the logged in user automatically when they start WYNN.


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