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WYNN Tip: "Basic Public Access" Custom Tool Bar

The Basic Public Access Tool Bar provides a simplified tool bar to facilitate reading print files or the Internet with speech output and visual modifications. Use the Standard Public Access Tool Bar for additional options, or WYNN's four, color-coded tool bars for a full range of options.

Hear and see text that has been scanned into WYNN, typed, or from the Internet.

Scan a print page into WYNN so you can see and hear it.

Read from the Web using auditory and visual feedback.

Switch between looking at the document in its original format (Exact View) or as highly modifiable text (Text View).

Increase the size of the text for easier viewing.

Change the spacing between lines for easier visual tracking.

Change the background color to reduce glare.

Change the rate of speech as you are reading a document.

Files can be opened, closed, saved, and printed by selecting these items from the File pull-down menu, or by using Windows shortcut-key commands.

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