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WYNN Tip: Changing Speech Drivers in WYNN 5.1

WYNN 5.1 includes RealSpeak Solo (SAPI 5) and ETI-Eloquence (SAPI 4) speech synthesizers. WYNN also supports any other SAPI 5 or SAPI 4 synthesizers that you have installed.  You may switch among synthesized voices at any time while using WYNN.

During a "Typical" WYNN installation, the following RealSpeak Solo (SAPI 5) voices are automatically installed from the WYNN program CD:

  • US English Samantha
  • US English Tom
  • UK English Emily
  • Mexican Spanish Paulina
  • Canadian French Julie

The following RealSpeak Solo voices are available on the Additional RealSpeak Voices CD, which is included with the full WYNN 5.1 version:

  • UK English Daniel
  • Australian English Karen
  • Australian English Lee
  • Spanish Isabel
  • Mexican Spanish Javier
  • French Canadian Felix
  • French Virgine
  • French Sebastien
  • German Steffi

To change WYNN’s current voice, language, or synthesizer:

  1. On the Settings menu, choose Speech Settings.  In the Speech Settings property page:

If you want to change...


Only the voice

Make a selection from the Voice list box.

If the voice you want is not available in the Voice list box, first change the synthesizer value in the Synthesizer list box. For example, change SAPI 4 Voices (ETI-Eloquence) to SAPI 5 Voices (RealSpeak Solo).

The language and voice

Choose a language from the Language list box, and a voice from the Voice list box.

Remember that it may be necessary to change the synthesizer value if the voice you want does not appear in the list.

The synthesizer, language, and voice

Choose a synthesizer from the Synthesizer list box, a language from the Language list box, and a voice from the Voice list box.

  1. Click the OK button to accept the change, or click the Cancel button to restore your previous settings.

Note: If you want to see all the voices for all languages, you can set the Speech Language to "Multiple."  Now the Voice field will display all the voices for all languages.  You should only do this if you know which language each voice belongs to.  They aren't always obvious.

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