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WYNN Tip: Changing Speech Voices and Languages in WYNN

It is easy to change speech settings in WYNN. There are a wide variety of voices and languages to choose from. The process is slightly different depending on which version of WYNN you have.

Changing Speech Settings in WYNN 6 and Later

WYNN 6 and above use RealSpeak Solo Direct, a proprietary text-to-speech driver, to speak text in WYNN. WYNN supports many voices and languages.  Voices for English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian are installed when you install WYNN. Other voices and languages are available for download from the RealSpeak Solo Direct Voices Web page on the Freedom Scientific Web site.

WYNN also installs the SAPI 5 driver, providing support for any SAPI 5 voices installed on your computer.

Important Note: Beginning with WYNN 6, WYNN supports different settings for Reading Voice, Menu Voice, and Emphasis Voice. The Reading Voice is the voice used most of the time. It reads text in documents and the Internet. The Menu Voice reads menus, dialogs, and messages. The Emphasis Voice reads bold, italic, and underlined text. When you change speech settings, the new settings are applied to the Reading Voice unless you select the Menu or Emphasis Voice first using the Voice Selection drop-down box.

It is easy to change voices and languages in WYNN. Go to the Settings menu and choose Speech Settings. Then follow the instructions below.

If you want to change...


Only the voice

Make a selection from the Name list box.

If the voice you want is not available in the Name list box, first change the language in the Language list box, and then select a voice from the Name list box. 

The language and voice

Choose a language from the Language list box, and a voice from the Name list box.

The synthesizer, language, and voice

Choose a synthesizer from the Synthesizer list box, a language from the Language list box, and a voice from the Name list box.

When you are done making changes, select the Apply or OK button to activate the new speech settings.

Changing Speech Settings in WYNN 5.1

WYNN 5.1 included RealSpeak Solo (SAPI 5 version) and ETI-Eloquence (SAPI 4) speech synthesizers. Many SAPI 5 and SAPI 4 voices and languages were installed with WYNN 5.1. Changing the current voice, language, or synthesizer in WYNN 5.1 is similar to the process in WYNN 6 and later, with a couple of exceptions: The Name field is called Voice in WYNN 5.1; and there is only one type of voice, so changes are applied to reading text, menus, dialogs, and other messages.

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