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WYNN Tip: Daily Activities for WYNN in Your Classroom

Below are some ideas for incorporating WYNN into your daily classroom activities.

  1. Have students create a document titled, "My Journal." Students can write a daily entry into this document, proofread and make corrections. They may use Word Prediction if they wish.
  2. Ask students to create an “Assignment Page” to enter daily assignments.
  3. Have students make a list of “Important Things to do Today.”
  4. Work on New Vocabulary – Students can look up words in the Dictionary and study definitions. They can write a sentence using each vocabulary word, or use a Voice Note to record sentences.
  5. Practice Spelling – Using the Spell button, ask students to listen to each spelling word, then type each word three times.
  6. Have students read a passage and Highlight the main idea of each paragraph, and/or have them paraphrase the key point of each paragraph with a Voice Note.
  7. Using the Web, have students read a current news story, and then summarize the key points. Students may choose to write their summary, or use a Voice Note. (Suggested sites: HeadlineSpot, Yak's Corner, Time for Kids, Scholastic News, and Kids Newsroom)
  8. Assign students to write a paragraph titled, “Today's Successes.”
  9. Use the Voice Note and ask students to recite a favorite poem.
  10. At the end of the week, have students write a list of five things they learned this week.


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