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WYNN Tip: Differential Coloring - Emphasizing Letter Combinations and/or Words

Differential coloring is used to emphasize groups of letters or words in the text in a contrasting color for easier identification. Some examples of text you may choose to show in a contrasting colors are prefixes (i.e. bi, re, im), suffixes (i.e. ing, tion, tial), and small words that tend to get overlooked when reading (i.e. and, the, of).

To use Differential Coloring, you must be in Text View:

  1. From the Settings menu, choose Differential Coloring
  2. In the Character String edit box, type the character(s) or word you want to be displayed in a contrasting color.
  3. In the Differential Color combo box, choose the color you want to use to display the character string you entered.
  4. Select the Whole Words Only check box to apply the differential coloring to the character string only when it appears by itself. Clear this check box to apply differential coloring to the character string even when it appears as part of a larger word (i.e. "the" vs. "their")
  5. Select the Show Differential Coloring check box to enable Differential Coloring. Clear this check box if you do not want WYNN to apply Differential Coloring to text.
  6. Click Add to add the character string to the Defined Combinations list.
  7. Click the OK button.

To save these settings for future use:

  1. Choose Save Settings from the Settings menu
  2. Click the "More" button
  3. Choose "Differential Coloring"
  4. Enter a name for these settings in the Enter new settings file name edit box
  5. Retrieve this setting whenever you want Differential Coloring to be active.


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