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WYNN Tip: Document Clean-up in WYNN

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Document Clean-up provides the tools necessary to correct OCR errors that may occur in the document during scanning. This ensures that the document will be spoken correctly by WYNN. Always do this process second, when using Dynamic Zoning!

In Document Clean-up, you view both the Exact View and the Text-only View of the document. The Text View appears on top, with the Exact View on the bottom. The Text View is what WYNN uses to read aloud, regardless of which view you choose to look at as you read. Note that when reading from Exact View, Document Clean-up does not change the appearance of the Exact View, only how the text will be spoken.

To use Document Clean-up:

1. Click the Clean-up button on the blue tool bar.

2. Place the cursor over the Text View, which is on the top part of the screen, and click the mouse button.

3. Scroll through the Text View of the document looking for errors. A pink box will highlight the corresponding location of the text in Exact View, shown at the bottom half of the screen.

4. Correct errors by placing the cursor next to the error and clicking the mouse button. This will place the insertion cursor next to the error.

5. It is critical to correct errors in the exact order listed below:
First, type in the correct characters in a word. Then delete the incorrect characters. When correcting errors, do not delete the whole word or item to be corrected.

First, type in the corrections, then delete the errors. Deleting the entire item and retyping it would erase the link that WYNN uses to highlight the item when reading from Exact View. (Think of it as a lifeline: you always need at least one strand of the rope. You can add new strands, then remove any strands, old or new, as long as one strand is remaining. But you can't remove all the strands, then throw new ones, because there is nothing to grab onto in the meantime.)

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all corrections are made.

7. To exit Document Clean-up, click the Clean-up button again.

Don't forget to save your document after you have finished with Document Clean-up.

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