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WYNN Tip: An Introduction to WYNN Image of WYNN logo

WYNN is a software program for people who struggle with reading and writing. WYNN lets you hear and see what you type into the computer, files that are already in the computer, and the Internet.

Image of WYNN's Next button WYNN has four, color-coded toolbars. Clicking on the Next button at the left of each toolbar will rotate through the toolbars.

Image of WYNN's Read button There is a Read button on each toolbar. Click the Read button to hear each word being spoken at the same time as you see it being spotlighted.

The Blue toolbar lets you manage your files.
Image of the blue File Management toolbar

Using the blue toolbar, you can:

  • Scan a document
  • Create a New File
  • Open a File
  • Save your file to MP3
  • Search for ebooks
  • Export your file to Microsoft Word
  • Read from the Web

The Green toolbar lets you change the way text looks and sounds.
Image of the green Text Display Management toolbar

Using the green toolbar, you can:

  • Change the text size, spacing, and color
  • Mask out distracting areas of text
  • Change the speed and pacing of the speech

The Pink toolbar helps you study and learn.
Image of the pink Useful Tools Management toolbar

Using the pink toolbar, you can:

  • Use the talking dictionary and thesaurus
  • Highlight text and create lists
  • Record a text or voice note
  • Create a notecard file
  • Open a PAL document

The Yellow toolbar helps with writing. Image of the yellow Writing Tools Management toolbar
Using the yellow toolbar, you can:

  • Use traditional editing tools, such as cut/paste and spell checking
  • Create an outline
  • Use word prediction
  • Find homophones

These toolbars are the heart of WYNN. The rotating toolbar reduces clutter and helps people focus on their work. The toolbars can also be customized for individual needs. Please read our other Tip Sheets for more information.

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