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WYNN Tip: "Fluent Reading" Custom Tool Bar

The "Fluent Reading" Custom Tool Bar may be used to facilitate reading fluency and comprehension.

The Read button lets you see and hear the text at the same time.

The Size button lets you adjust the size of the text to your preference.

The Line Space button lets you add space between lines. This makes the page less cluttered and often helps with tracking as you read across the line.

The Mask button lets you focus on a single line, sentence or paragraph as you are reading.

The Pause Button lets you add a pause between each sentence as it's being read.

The Rate button lets you change the speed of the speech.

The Spell button lets you hear a word spelled as you see each letter highlighted.

The Dictionary is used to look up the meaning of words in the text. You can double-click on a word within a definition to get the meaning of that word.

The Voice Note may be used to repeat a word verbally, make verbal notes, and respond orally to questions. It may also be used by the educator to embed verbal instructions or comprehension questions.


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