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Browsing the Internet with WYNN

Web Toolbar in WYNN

Using WYNN's Internet browsing features, you can read using WebMasking™, read PDF pages, and complete forms and have them read back to you.

(For tips on studying with WYNN's Web features, refer to the Tip Sheet titled "Studying Using the Internet with WYNN.")

Reading Options 

Web Mask button

WebMasking.  WYNN is the only product has includes this patented feature.  Click the WebMask button to cycle through the WebMasking options.  The first click activates Line Masking, in which everything except the current line is shaded out.  The second click activates Sentence Masking, the third click activates Paragraph Masking, and the fourth click cycles back to no masking.  Masking assists readability and aids in maintaining visual and intellectual focus on the visible text.

Self-paced Reading Modes.  The self-paced reading mode provides customized auditory input.  This feature may be used in two ways: in a regular WYNN document; and while reading on the Internet.  To activate Self-paced reading, go to Text View in any WYNN document.  Go to the green Reading Styles toolbar and click the Self-Pace button, then select a self-paced reading mode from the drop-down menu.  You may now read within WYNN in the self-paced mode. 

To use self-paced reading on the Internet, first select a self-paced mode while in a WYNN document, then go back to a Web page and the self-paced reading mode will be evident there, too.  Note that you can change the mode one of two ways: (1) when not in a Web page, by using the Self-Pace button on the green Reading Styles toolbar, or (2) from anywhere in WYNN by going to the Settings menu, choosing General Settings, then selecting Non Continuous, then selecting a Read By mode of Line, Sentence, or Paragraph. 

Reading PDF Pages. There are several ways you can read PDF documents on Web pages.  If you come to a link to a PDF document, you can send that document to WYNN without going to it.  To do this, right-click on the link and select "Convert link document to WYNN."

If a PDF document is open on a Web page, you can send it to WYNN by going to the File menu, selecting Print, and changing the printer to Freedom Import Printer.  This will process the PDF file into a WYNN document.

Read Hyperlinks.  You can read a hyperlink without activating it by hovering over it.  After a short delay, WYNN will read the hyperlink text.  You can change the amount of delay using the Read Hyperlinks Delay item in WYNN's Web Settings dialog box.

Internet Browsing Options 

Web Browsing options

WYNN includes the standard Internet functions of Favorites, History, Back, Forward, Home, Search, Refresh, and Stop.  Favorites and History lists are displayed on a left sidebar.  WYNN's Search function uses Google to search for the text you enter.  The other functions operate as they do in other Web browsers.

Auto-complete Web Addresses.  WYNN auto-completes Web addresses that you enter in the Address bar.  If you have previously entered an address, WYNN will prompt you with it when you begin typing.

Internet Forms Completion 
WYNN can assist you in completing online forms.  Normally the text you enter in a form field does not speak.  To have the text speak, right-click anywhere in a field, then choose "Speak This."  WYNN will speak everything you have typed into the field. 

If you are having difficulty filling out forms on the Internet or creating e-mail, that is, if you type in the field and your text does not appear, use WYNN's Form-filling mode.  Form-filling mode passes your typed text along to the form, instead of passing it to WYNN.  To enter Form-filling mode, place your cursor anywhere in the text field and right-click, then choose "Form-filling Mode." Sometimes it is necessary to change your e-mail settings to display e-mail in plain text format. Form-filling Mode is automatically turned off whenever you go to a new page or submit your form.

Pop-up Blocker
WYNN will block annoying pop-up advertisements while you are viewing Web pages.  This allows you to focus on the information you want to read without distractions.

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