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Studying Using the Internet with WYNN

Web Toolbar in WYNN

WYNN's Internet features allow students to study with ease and do research more effectively.  Highlighting text using built-in highlighter pens and extracting text directly to a WYNN document are some of the most useful study features incorporated in this Toolbar.

Studying Options 

Dictionary button

Dictionary.  Easy access to a dictionary while Web-browsing is an essential aid in comprehension of material. Checking dictionary definitions can also enhance students' research work. Click the Dictionary button to use WYNN's dictionary to look up the current word in your Web page.

Highlight button

Highlight.  WYNN's highlighter pens are available while on a Web site.  This lets you mark key topics and ideas, making finding and retaining information easier. 

Extract button

Extract Highlights into a WYNN Document.  Once you have highlighted the text you want, you can extract it.  Text is extracted directly into a WYNN document.  First click the Extract button, then choose By Color (if you want all the green highlights together, all the blues together, and all the magentas together) or By Order (if you want the highlights kept in the order they appear in the Web page).  WYNN asks you if you want to put the highlighted text into an open document, or if you want to create a new document for the extracted text.  If you will be visiting several Web pages to gather research information, you should create a new document for the first batch of extracted text, then add the text from the rest of the pages to that document. 

Extract selected text, or all text on a Web page.  In addition to extracting highlighted text, you can extract any text selected with the mouse or you can extract all text on a Web page.  WYNN grabs all the text you have selected on an Internet page, opens a WYNN document, and pastes the text into the WYNN document.  

Find.  Use WYNN's Find function to find text on the current Web page.  To use Find, you can either select Find from the Edit menu, or you can use the CTRL+F keyboard shortcut.

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