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WYNN Tip: Using the Pronunciation Dictionary

Use the Pronunciation Dictionary to change the pronunciation of any word or combination of letters. Most speech synthesizers do a very good job of pronouncing words through a combination of their text-to-speech programming and their internal dictionaries. However, there will always be words that a given synthesizer will not pronounce well. Using WYNN's Pronunciation Dictionary, you can change the pronunciation of any word.

What to do when you want to change the pronunciation of a word:

  1. Go to the Advanced menu.
  2. Click Pronunciation Dictionary.
  3. You will enter the word in the Word dialog box where you see the blinking cursor.
  4. In the Pronunciation box you enter the correct pronunciation for the word in this field.
  5. Click on Test to make sure it is correct.
  6. Click on Add so that the new pronunciation is now added to the Pronunciation Dictionary.

Note: Pronunciations can include spaces. Sometimes inserting a space between letters helps with placing the stress on the correct syllable, and with pronunciation of vowels.

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